Life is a combination of magic and pasta

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Add diversity to your menu with a pasta cooker Add diversity to your menu with a pasta cooker

While it is difficult to avoid the chill of winter, there is nothing better than a pasta dish to warm the heart and comfort the soul.

Italian cuisine is generally characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only two to four main ingredients. Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation.

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta"

Federico Fellini

Pasta Cookers

Pasta cookers are remarkably versatile. Suitable for boiling water, rice, potato dumplings, filled pasta, vegetables and tubers in the best working conditions and with minimal manual effort.

At SCK, we supply many brands of pasta cookers that will add diversity to your menu and profit to your bottom line.

Baron Pasta Cookers

Baron Pasta Cookers

Baron pasta cookers have large large capacity (26 litres) stainless steel cooking tanks with excellent corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures.

Bue Seal, Cobra & Waldorf Pasta Cookers

Bue Seal, Cobra & Waldorf Pasta Cookers

Moffat manufacture pasta cookers under their brands Blue Seal, Cobra, Waldorf and Waldorf Bold. They have a 40 litre capacity tank.

These ranges are all built for speed. Fully modular, and featuring a unique pan design, it comes well equipped for the continuous production of perfect pasta

Luus Pasta Cookers

Electrolux Pasta Cookers

Luus Pasta Cookers are available in 6 basket and exclusive 9 basket wide models. Their pasta cookers feature a thermostatically controlled burner for continuous operation, a 316 marine grade stainless steel tank, and an overflow system that automatically removes excess starch and helps purify water.

Trueheat Pasta Cookers

Trueheat Pasta Cookers

The Trueheat RC Series was designed and engineered by Australians, for Australian Restaurant & Cafe kitchens.

The Trueheat brand was built on the philosophy that all restaurant and cafe kitchens deserve culinary muscle at an affordable price.

Electrolux Pasta Cookers

Electrolux Pasta Cookers

Electrolux pasta cookers demonstrate how advanced technology can satisfy the needs of the professional caterer. Their models are Freestanding Gas Pasta Cookers.

Roband Pasta Master

Roband Pasta Master

From fridge to table in moments. The Roband pasta master will return pre-prepared pasta dishes such as spaghetti, fettuccine and tortellini to serving temperature quickly and efficiently. This machine can also be used for blanching vegetables.

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