Business Strategies

Business Strategies

Good businesses all have one thing in common ..... they all have a business plan. So what steps should you take to develop a successful business plan.

1. Your Mission, Vision & Goals.

Define precisely what you want to achieve
Create an inspiring vision and a mission statement that will always motivate you and your staff
Set effective goals that will propel you to action.

2. Strategies for your Marketing Success.

Develop a long term strategy for success

Target your business niche
Identify your Unique Selling Proposition
Plan your marketing campaign

3. Create your Systems.

Systems are the answer ... you will need them for
Kitchen management
Office management

4. Employing Staff.

Find out how to employ and keep the best staff
Train them the way you want things done [your system]

5. How to Keep Customers Coming Back.

Train your staff to give WOW treatment to your customers [as defined by you]
60% of the time customers spend in your restaurant/cafe is waiting.
Waiting to order
Waiting for a drink
Waiting for their meal
Make sure the systems that you implement help reduce this waiting time.

6. Control Costs.

Ordering systems help you to control costs
Stop indiscriminant spending

7. Keep Records.

Don't be afraid of the financial side of the business.
Good record keeping saves you money.

Obviously there are a multitude of factors that combine to make a business successful. Those listed above are just a few of the essentials.