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Sydney Commercial Kitchens is proud to support 2 outstanding charities

The Fred Hollows Foundation
Street Mission

The Fred Hollows Foundation

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Did you know that every 5 seconds one person in our world goes blind - yet 80% of the world's blindness is avoidable!

Sydney Commercial Kitchens believes in being socially responsible. As part of that commitment, $3.00 from every sale will be donated to help The Fred Hollows Foundation in its quest to treat and prevent avoidable blindness.

Established in 1992, to continue the work of the late Professor Fred Hollows, this non-government organisation has worked with local partners to eradicate unnecessary blindness in more than 29 developing countries. As a result, local doctors in countries where they work have restored sight to more than 1,000,000 disadvantaged people!

Following Fred's commitments to Indigenous people, The Foundation has worked with local Jawoyn communities to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous Australians in the Katherine East region of the Northern Territory. Together you and Sydney Commercial Kitchens can help The Fred Hollows Foundation make a difference.

For more information about the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation or its local partners, visit or call 1800 352 352

How does The Fred Hollows Foundation help alleviate poverty & improve eye health care?

Nine out of 10 of the worlds poor live in developing countries. Their lives revolve around day-to-day survival and food production is extremely important. Loss of vision erodes their individual productivity and the little economic security they had, which negatively impacts on their sense of self worth and confidence about their independent living skills.

The Foundation's approach to blindness treatment and prevention with poor and disadvantaged communities indirectly alleviates poverty in the countries where they work. By restoring sight, independence can be regained by individuals and their capacity to earn an income and be self-sufficient is possible.

The Foundation accomplishes its aims through the following projects:

  • Assisting communities who would otherwise be unable to access eye care services. In many cases the cost of surgery is fully subsidised and recovered from those who can afford to pay.
  • Training and equipping local doctors and health care personnel on modern techniques of cataract surgery, involving the implantation of an Intraocular Lens (IOL).
  • Developing sustainable infrastructures within local communities and raising public awareness of preventable blindness issues.
  • Developing technologies and equipment to improve eye care treatment.
  • Assisting Indigenous Australians with identifying underlying causes of their poor health and driving socio-economic initiatives, which help improve their health outcomes.

So far the impact of this work has been enormous, but there is still so much more to do. More than 45 million people worldwide are still unnecessarily blind and the health of Indigenous Australian's remains at dramatically lower levels than for other Australians.

For more information about the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation or its local partners, visit or call 1800 352 352

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Following is a letter from Gabi Hollows thanking us for our donation.

8 August 2016

Mr Neil Willis
Sydney Commercial Kitchens
PO Box 6103 DC
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086


To Neil and the team at Sydney Commercial Kitchens,

I am writing to thank you and Sydney Commercial Kitchens customers for your ongoing support of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Since 2004, Sydney Commercial Kitchens have raised an astounding $35,500 to help restore sight to people living with avoidable blindness. Beyond providing vital eye care, your generosity is transforming lives and helping people regain their sense of independence and dignity. Children are able to learn at school, adults are able to work and entire communities can grow. The impact of your generosity is truly heart warming.

Fred believed that no one should be needlessly blind, regardless of who they were, where they lived or how much money they had. Tackling this inequality was his lifetime goal. Much like yourself Neil, Fred got the job done. I know he would have been impressed by your commitment to helping us achieve our goal of a world without avoidable blindness.

Once again, on behalf of everyone here at The Fred Hollows Foundation, thank you for your continued support, and for giving the gift of sight back to others.

Warm regards

Gabi Hollows
Founding Director

PDF copy of letter from Gabi Hollows 2016

Following is a letter from Gabi Hollows dated in 2004 thanking us for our ongoing contribution.

8 July 2004

Mr Neil Willis
Sydney Commercial Kitchens
PO Box 6103 DC
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086


Dear Neil,

I am writing to thank you and Sydney Commercial Kitchens customers for supporting the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Your on-going contributions will help The Foundation to achieve its vision of a world where no one is needlessly blind and a land where Indigenous people enjoy the same health outcomes as all Australians.

Thanks again - it is only with the support of people like you that we are able to continue our vital work. If you would like more information about The Foundation visit us at or phone 1800 352 352

Best wishes from your friends at The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Gabi Hollows
Founding Director


Street Mission

Sydney Commercial Kitchens has provided the Street Café with their catering equipment requirements since 2005 and now also contibutes money to assist us in their cause.

Street Mission Incorporated
P.O. Box 491,
Brookvale NSW 2100
Registered Charity No: CFN 16516
Telephone: +61289010679
ABN: 477 064 35904

Sydney Commercial Kitchens recently donated some catering equipment to Street Mission to assist them with the great work that they do at Manly

July 28 2005

Mr Neil Willis
Sydney Commercial Kitchens
PO Box 6103 DC
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086


Dear Neil

We thank you very much for your generous donation of food preparation equipment to the value of $1159.

These items will be put to immediate use at our mobile Street Mission operating out of the grounds of the Uniting Church in Gilbert St., Manly each Saturday evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. At the Caf, we give local homeless and disadvantaged people a hot meal, and some food for each person to take with them for the rest of the weekend.

As our Street Mission indicates, we are a frontline organisation. In this coalface approach to helping the needy, we provide financial support to three other organisations operating in the Warringah, Manly and Pittwater areas and our requirement is that this support only be used for food and other life essentials, and that none of it be used on overheads and administration. The three organisations are:

The Burdekin Association Helping the youth of Warringah, Manly, Pittwater
Youth Reach Dee Why Assisting local youth
Streetwork Working with youth on the Northern Beaches and Chatswood

Neil, you commented to us that you are always amazed at the generosity of people who give freely of their time and money to help people in need. Yes, there is a lot of need in the community and it is very apparent in those disadvantaged people who come to us in Street Mission. We do our best to play a small part in helping them. We depend on people like yourself who are prepared to help with resources from their own skills and experience resources which we very much need, but which often we cannot afford to provide.


Tania Atchison
Chairperson, Street Mission Inc

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