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How to Order

There are now five ways to place orders at Sydney Commercial Kitchens:

1. Place your order online click here

2. Phone our customer service desk at 1300 881119 or 02 9972 0075

3. Rent your equipment for total purchases over $2,000.00 Click here to read more: Rent this equipment

4. You can print out a Blank Order Form from the website, complete the details, then
a) Fax the order to [02] 9984 1958 with your credit card details, or, a copy of your direct bank deposit to our account. (Our Bank details are available if you ring us)
b) Mail the order complete with your company cheque to our Sales Department.

If you're not sure how to get started, or if you just want an overview of how shopping on our site works, follow the simple steps outlined below. You'll be shopping online in no time!

The entire transaction system is protected by SSL (secure socket layering) encryption provided by ABA. All sensitive data that passes between the Shopping Cart system and our customers' browsers is secure.

The only party who sees a consumer's credit card is the bank, not the merchant and not the service provider. (Note that the merchant only needs to know that the transaction has been authorized, it doesn't need to know credit card numbers.)

SecurEpayment ensures that this confidential information remains encrypted all the way to the banking network.

To enforce this unique security system, SecurEpayment employs internationally recognized encryption algorithms such as RSA, RC4 and MD5.

In its current state, SecurEpayment accepts variable length RSA keys and uses 128-bit RC4 keys.

How To Order Online

1. From our Home page select (click) "Showroom"

2. Select (click) type of equipment required (example: Dishwashers)

3. Select the quantity of machines you wish to purchase by typing the number in the special quantity box.

4. Select the model you wish to buy and click the "BUY" button.

5. Your order is now displayed with a subtotal, including tax. Shipping charges will be Added later in the ordering process after you have entered your shipping address. You can now edit or delete items on your list by clicking "Undo Last" or "Clear All" or go on to "Check Out".

6. You can view your order at any time from anywhere in the site by clicking "View Order"

7. You can exit the checkout at any point during secure order processing. You can check your shipping and billing charges without any commitment to purchase. Your order will not be placed until you have entered your credit card details and you have clicked on the "Finalise Order" button.

8. When you are ready to send your order, click "Finalise Order".

Our goal is to build long term relationships with all our clients

All equipment sold by Sydney Commercial Kitchens is supported by the manufacturer's warranty period.

All equipment supplied is chosen for its ability to perform for you. We source the best products for the job from all the brands and types available to ensure your profitability.

Our prices are very competitive, but someone else sometimes may be cheaper. We look to build an ongoing relationship to assist you in your own business by providing value and quality service that you can rely on. The growth of your business is our goal.

Order Information

Stock Availability is intended as a guide only as stock volumes can fluctuate. If an item has an availability of 1-2 weeks from date of order, and is in stock, delivery should occur within 3-4 working days.

Damaged Goods - If an appliance is received and is faulty in any way, other than from transport damage, you should notify Sydney Commercial Kitchens immediately by fax or email, listing your contact name, address, phone and fax numbers, our invoice number and details of the fault.

Warranty - There are two types of standard warranty normally available
a) On site warranty - applicable to items weighing over 40 kilograms
b) Return to manufacturer warranty - applicable to smaller bench top equipment. Transport costs and arrangements associated with back to manufacturer warranties are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Insurance - Insurance for goods in transit is not included in the purchase price. If insurance is required by the purchaser it must be arranged by the purchaser either direct with the carrier or their insurance agent.

Cancellations - orders may be cancelled on the following basis.
a) That the cancellation is received prior to commencement of manufacture for special orders.
b) If the equipment is a stock item, cancellation must be received three (3) working days prior to shipping.
c) A cancellation fee will apply being a minimum of 25% of the purchase price.

Return of Goods - goods returned for credit (other than damaged goods as listed above in 2. (Damaged Goods) will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with Sydney Commercial Kitchens. All returned goods are subject to a 25% restocking fee, and will only be accepted if returned in original condition, in original packaging with all original instruction booklets, warranty cards and documents. If the returned item has been used in any way it will be deemed to be second hand and therefore no credit will be issued.