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Smeg Professional Convection OvensPrecise design, advanced technology and the best materials

Smeg Professional Convection Ovens

Smeg Convection Ovens represent excellence from all points of view. With a range of specific appliances for cooking fresh or frozen pastry, bake off and gastronomy products, Smeg Foodservice offers the ideal solution for fast food outlets, supermarkets or restaurants requiring a back-up oven. The combination of a precisely designed cooking chamber and alternate forced ventilation guarantees fast, uniform heat distribution for quick, even baking.

The four 435x320 mm tray ovens are ideal for baking fresh or frozen bread, croissants and pastry. They are designed for small kitchens and for kitchens already equipped with ovens for gastronomy products. They offer maximum functionality and efficiency in just 60 cm of space, thanks to their double-glazed door. Available in mechanical or electronic versions, they are easy to use thanks to their intuitive control panel.

These 4 tray ovens come in the following models

ALFA43XAU and ALFA43X Convection Ovens

The Smeg Alfa43XAU is the newly released 10amp model. With 4 tray capacity and uniform baking all round.

The Smeg Alfa43X is their 15amp model, with a compact and functional design and excellent baking uniformity across all trays

Alfa43XAU and Alfa43X Convection Ovens

ALFA43GH and ALFA43XEH Convection Oven with HumidityCaption

ALFA43GH and ALFA43XEH Convection Oven with Humidity

Both these models have a manual humidifierwhich operates through a plumbed water system connection.

Excellent baking uniformity across all trays, perfect heatdistribution in all conditions of use

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