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The new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG PLUS The undisputed choice for large kitchens

The new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG PLUS is the crown jewel of UNOX technology, created with power and speed in its DNA.

It has numerous functional, ergonomic and aesthetic improvements that make it the undisputed choice for large kitchens.

Cooking performance, power and reliability.

CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG PLUS is the intelligent combi oven able to carry out any type of cooking, in any environment, 24 hours per day and fully loaded. Born to be the best.

From 30°C to 300°C in 270 seconds.

When cooking speed and effectiveness matter in your combi oven, the Unox BIG combis have you covered.

A matter of power.

Perfect airflow distribution

Unique in the world, the linear heating elements and heat exchangers guarantee perfect heat distribution on each tray.

High-performance heating elements.

Electric ovens feature unique straight-line heating elements with high power intensity that produce heat quickly, minimizing temperature recovery times and optimizing air flows.

From 30°C to 300°C in 270 seconds From 30°C to 300°C in 270 seconds.

Pressure burners.

UNOX gas ovens are the only ones in the world with high performance blown burners and symmetrical heat exchangers. High power minimizes temperature recovery times and the symmetric design optimizes air flows.

Limitless production Limitless production

Limitless production

100KG of steamed potatoes in 35 minutes.

A full load of perfectly steamed potatoes in less than 35 minutes. Thanks to the extraordinary quantity and quality of steam that is generated by STEAM.Maxi™, each tray reaches the highest quality. Perfectly steamed potatoes, internally soft, externally hydrated to the right point.

The new definition of reliability

Space-frame chassis and 316 marine-grade stainless steel cooking chamber.

Every detail has passed the most difficult tests and as a result of this testing the Unox BIG PLUS Combi's are built to last.

Resistant in all conditions. Every single component of the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG has been designed to offer maximum reliability and durability.

Unox BIG PLUS Combi's are built to last Unox BIG PLUS Combi's are built to last

Plus Display The MIND.Maps™ PLUS interface

Plus Display

The MIND.MapsTM PLUS interface. Easy. Comprehensive. Intelligent.

Manual and MIND.Maps™ programming, fully-automated cooking and baking processes, 384 programs memory, MULTI.Time and MISE.EN.PLACE programming to manage 10 concurrent cooking processes, simplified READY.COOK programming.

For UNOX, every detail matters. Are you ready to rewrite history?


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