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Roband, made in Australia and built to last Australian Made

Roband, made in Australia and built to last!

Roband Australia is delighted to announce that they have joined the official Australian Made Campaign with approval granted on a selection of Roband branded machines including; Milkshake & Drink Mixers, Fryers, Bain Maries, Conveyor Toasters, Griddle & Griddle Toasters, Pie Warmers and Grill Stations.

Advantages of Australian made

  • • Supporting Australian jobs and the economy
  • • Designed in Australia and built to last
  • • Local after sales support and reliable supply
  • • Lower environmental impact
  • • Longer product life

Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixers

Roband Milkshake Mixers are the ideal machine for making perfect thickshakes or milkshakes every time. The Saturn Beater produces extra fluffy shakes using minimal ingredients, time after time.

Merging style, power and performance these mixers are a must-have for cafes and fast food outlets. Available in six colours.

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Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixers Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixers

Roband Frypod Fryers Roband Frypod Fryers

Roband Frypod Fryers

Breaking new ground with its innovative design, the Roband Frypod excels with its performance, safety and cleanliness of operation.

Delivering perfectly fried food time after time, the responsiveness of the Frypod elements to any drop in temperature has been honed and the temperature band that the fryer continues to operate in when loaded with food has been tightened. This ensures that the temperature drop of the oil is minimised during the cooking process, delivering consistent, perfect results. It also means less oil in the food and longer oil life.

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Roband Bain Maries

Hold food at serving temperature with the convenience and style of a Roband counter top bain marie.

With a comprehensive range of sizes and pan combinations, there is a counter top unit to suit every situation.

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Roband Bain Maries Roband Bain Maries

Roband Conveyor Toasters Roband Conveyor Toasters

Roband Conveyor Toasters

Elegantly designed and crafted, the revolutionary Roband Sycloid® toaster sets the standard for high speed toast production.

The Sycloid’s stylish exterior houses a cleverly engineered machine that provides truly functional energy efficient operation and an outstanding toasting result time after time. The cool-to-touch external surfaces ensure user safety.

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