Medicines must be stored correctly

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Medicine fridges are safeguarding temperature-sensitive products Medicine fridges are safeguarding temperature-sensitive products

In medical fields, like hospitals, doctors surgeries, pharmacies and even veterinary clinics there is a requirement that medicines and vaccines must be stored at constant and low temperatures. If your vaccines are not stored at the correct temperature they can lose their effectiveness.

According to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, good pharmacy practice around the correct monitoring of pharmacy refrigeration to safeguard temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and insulin, stored at appropriate temperatures is essential.

The stability of vaccines is dependent upon refrigeration storage control. Vaccines should be stored at temperatures between 2° and 8°C. In Australia, freezing of vaccines has been shown to be a major cause of vaccine damage in tropical and temperate climates.

Failure to adhere to recommended guidelines for storage and handling of vaccines can reduce or even destroy their potency, resulting in inadequate or no immune response in the patient.

All vaccines should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer that is designed specifically for the storage of medicines and vaccines.

Medical Refrigeration

All Medical and Vaccine refrigerators sold by Sydney Commercial Kitchens have been independently tested by the NSW branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Exquisite Medical Fridges

Exquisite Australia Vaccine refrigeration range has been specifically selected to suit Australian vaccine needs.

Over the last few years we have listened to all requests and delivered on what was deemed necessary to assist in making your Pharmacy or Clinic run with ease.

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XXXX Exquisite laboratory refrigerators have been tested and satistify all QCPP compliance protocols.

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ICS Pacific Vaccine Fridges

Each ICS PACIFIC medical refrigeration cabinet is purpose built to provide unrivalled performance and absolute ease of use so you can safely manage your vaccines.

Consistent temperatures throughout every shelf ensure 'Strive for 5' and Cold Chain regulations are easily maintained. Stock can be fully loaded on every shelf without affecting performance. The Pharma range not only have QCPP approval but far exceed requirements.

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Liebherr Mediline

Liebherr laboratory appliances store highly sensitive and explosive substances safely and reliably. Innovative refrigeration technologies and a host of smart functions guarantee optimum storage conditions, with excellent temperature consistency.

Their appliances are designed to keep costs down, and to keep the amount of work involved in their operation and maintenance as low as possible, without compromising maximum safety.

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Liebherr Stringent demands in the laboratory sector Stringent demands in the laboratory sector

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