Made in Australia and built to last

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Roband, made in Australia and built to last Roband, made in Australia and built to last

Roband, Joins the official Australian Made Campaignt!

Recently Roband Australia advised that they have joined the official Australian Made Campaign with approval granted on a selection of Roband branded machines including; Griddle & Griddle Toasters and Pie Warmers.

Roband Griddles

From the outside, all brands of Griddles look quite similar but, it’s what’s inside a Griddle that determines how well the machine will perform under pressure and when you need it the most. This is where Roband Griddles are set apart from the competition and allow you to precisely cook a variety of food from steaks, chicken, fish and burger patties, fritters to eggs and bacon.

All Roband griddles feature uniquely designed elements that provide maximum temperature penetration specifically into the thick, steel griddle plate. The unique element design results in a smooth, controllable and even temperature across the cooking surface.

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Roband Griddles Even temperature cooking surface

Roband Griddle Toasters The perfect combo machine

Roband Griddle Toasters

Griddle Toasters are the perfect combination machine to produce a great top toasting result, whilst precisely cooking your steaks, eggs, bacon or hamburgers on the griddle cooking plate.

Each model within the Roband Griddle Toaster range has been engineered to maximise the performance of the machine in both the griddle and toasting functions. They all feature separate elements for the heavy steel griddle plate as well as the toasting compartments to ensure consistent and optimal results across both functions.

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Roband Pie Master Pie & Food Warmers

This great new range all feature a modern, brushed stainless steel body, adjustable feet and metal control knobs. The cleverly designed display racks can also be installed either horizontally or at an angle enabling the contents to be displayed in the most appealing way.

For enhanced functionality, the PM25L, PM50L, PM50LG, PM100L and PM100LG models also feature a baffle tray in the base along with a centrally positioned steam pan that produces a delicate steam to keep food moist. An internal light in the ceiling of the machines produces a warm coloured light, further enhancing the appeal and presentation of the food.

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Pie Master Pie & Food Warmers A Master at enhancing food presentation

Other Roband products

Other Roband products included in the Asutralian Made Campaign are included in the following blog post Proudly Australian

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