How To Update Your Kitchen Equipment & Pay For It Using The Profits Your Equipment Generates

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fresh a baguette

How to update your kitchen equipment & pay for it using the profits your equipment generates...

Have you been tossing & turning late at night? Wondering how you can make your restaurant more profitable then keep reading.

I'll get to that in a minute. Ok?

First, let's look at some business fundamentals to help you grow your business.

There are only 3 ways to grow a business

  • Get More Customers...
  • Get Them To Spend More Money...
  • Get Them To Spend More Often...

So most businesses focus all their efforts on getting more customers. They treat each new customers as a transaction. So they have to constantly keep pouring more & more people in the front end.

Of course, you have to do this to keep your business growing. The trouble is, it's the most expensive growth strategy for any business.

So if this is your only growth plan to try to get more new people into your restaurant then you are going to struggle. It's expensive paying for advertising & other marketing promotions to keep getting more people in the door.

As a business owner, you need to pay attention to getting new customers. But the real money is when you can get them to keep coming & spending more with you.

There are 100's of strategies out there, for getting More Customers. We'll be happy to share some of these Cost effective marketing ideas with you at a later date. If that's Ok?

So let's look at Getting your customers to spend more & spend more often.

Get your customers to spend more money with you.

So this is an easy concept to grasp, unfortunately only a handful of business ever do this. Here's the kicker this idea has created $billions of dollar in profits for businesses who get this.

Have I teased you long enough?

Let me explain this growth strategy in more detail.

Are you ready?

Have you ever been to McDonald's?

It's just a stupid question to ask. Right?

So when you go to McDonald's, have you noticed they always ask “Do You Want Fries With That?”

Do You Want Fries With That?

Katy Warner - Do you want fries with that? //

Why do you think they ask this question?

“Do You Want Fries With That?”

You see, McDonald's knows, every time they ask this question. They increase their customers spend, and skyrocket their profits, on each transaction.

McDonald's make 13 cents on each cheeseburger sold. When they ask “Do You Want Fries With That?”. When they get a Yes (more than 80% of people, say Yes!) Now they're making a whopping $1.47 per transaction. This is what's called an Upsell.

When did you last say No to “Do You Want Fries With That?”

I never have. I'm sure I am not alone, saying Yes give me fries and a drink.

What about you, did you feel pressured to get more fries and drink? Of course not.

McDonald's are the world champions when it comes to Upselling. That's in spite of, most of their workplace being under the age of 18.

And what's more, it's probably these kids first job. So we're not talking about Rocket Scientist, yet it works day in, day out, every day.


Because you see McDonald's understands their profits jump off the charts when they ask. “Do You Want Fries With That?” They even spend a week training & teaching those kids. How to get this right asking. “Do You Want Fries With That?”.

Do you see how profitable this question could to your business?

Yes, I hear you screaming. “But I'm not McDonald's”

Any business can add a Upsell Question to their business.

So as a Cafe or Restaurant owner, how can you apply “Do you want Fries with That” to your business?

As a cafe or restaurant, you should try to create your own Upsells. You can do this by bundling a products like a drink or some other tasty treats.

That's pretty easy to do.

Another way would be tempting them to try more of your delicious food with a higher perceived price point.

So you need to work out how to add recipes to your menu which are more profitable.

Another way of saying this is expanding your menu. So you can create meals which are full of flavour, quicker to make and add extra profits to your bottom line.

Here's example: Let's imagine you run a Takeaway Cafe.

You could offer sandwiches for $7.00 -$8.00, or.

Do you think people would pay extra for fresh a baguette stuffed full of Mouth watering Pulled Pork or Juicy Roast Beef?

fresh a baguette

Baguette //

Now they are quite happy to give $11 - $13 because your food smells irresistible & looks like it should be on Masterchef.

Whoa! Hang on I hear you saying. “How am I going to do that, have you seen my kitchen? That sounds like that's going to be a lot of work & costing heaps of money to prepare & cook”

I will show how easy this do later on, ok?

What if I told you, you could produce this food faster, It would taste juicier. What's more, you will be making more money each serve, as well saving hours of prep work with consistent ease, day in day out.

This is not magic. We don't have a magic wand, but you can create food which people will gladly pay you more for & keep coming back for more.

Let me show you the power of this, then I'll show you how you increase your profits just like McDonald's. Ok?

If you not aware, this is the reason McDonald's introduced the “Create Your Own Meal”.

McDonald's margins were shrinking because of the fierce competition in the Take Away Industry. You have seen all the ads.

So they needed a way to boost their profits by getting their customers to spend more at McDonald's. So they introduced “Create Your Own Meal” which has a higher perceived price point. So they making more money per order & much more profits.

Their customers are designing their own Burgers. What's more, they are happy to pay a lot more than they would for a Big Mac.

Why are they doing this? Because they now have a major advantage over their competitors. They can make more money per burger & because you designed the burger you will keep coming back.

Eating your personal customised burger has now become an experience. That's why they serve the fries in a fancy basket on a Wooden board.

If you haven't tried McDonald's “Create Your Own Meal” go and try it. So you learn from the Masters of the Upsell.

They have taken “Do you want Fries with That” and ratcheted it up to “Create Your Own Meal” to give a massive profit boost. Even if only 20% of people take them up on this offer, they getting a substantial increase in revenues & profits.

Have you got this yet?

Obviously, you are not McDonald's. So how can you apply these profit-boosting concepts to your Cafe or Restaurant?

Warning: If you don't look at ways to deliver consistent profitable tasty food which people will keep coming back for more. Then you will lose customers to Mcdonald's “Create Your Own Meal”. They are on a winner.

Now that we got that out way, let's show how to do this...

Remember how I said I don't have a magic wand, Well I kinda lied. It's not what you call a wand but like magic you soon could be creating Heston Masterpieces.

Do you want to operate like big restaurant & clubs?

Here's a trick the smart restaurant owners use to save them time & money.

For over 15 years hotels and high-volume restaurants have been pumping out delicious food. They have been applying a clever combination of steam and convection cooking & Blast Chiller.

Everybody wants speed & that's what you get when you use a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller...

They get all their prep work done at once, then they select the recipes, fire up the Combi Oven.

As soon as it cooked it goes into the Blast chiller. So your food gets rapid freezing & you have minimised the health risk to your food.

Now you can reheat your previously prepared food without loss of moisture, or of crispness...

The Combi Mode will decrease your cooking times because food cooks 10-15% faster in the Combi Mode. So you can reduce the waiting times & get more food out to the tables quicker. So you can turn your table over more often...

When you cook proteins they will retain more of their juices, which will mean you be serving juicy meat with a crisp outer crust, & more flavour...

So when you combine a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller you now do all your week's prep work in a day. Then put in the Blast chiller which gently brings the temperature down to safe level quickly. So then all you have to do is use the regeneration feature. Your can serve your food within minutes. Your Food will taste more juicier than conventional cooking.

If you want to produce fast quality food your customers will beg for more. Then you need to consider getting a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller.

Once you get a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller you Kitchen you will never be the same. You will get more delicious food out quicker.

Use less protein because your Combi Oven pre-programed smart Cooking recipes will adjust temperature and humidity in your oven. So you get less shrinkage.

So you will be cutting your protein shrinkage in half. This means the money you spend on food goes a bit farther than it would with a regular convection oven...

I almost forgot to tell you how my local Cafe serves fresh a baguette to their customers. I go back every couple days to get a crispy Baguette stuffed full of Mouth watering Pulled Pork or Juicy Roast Beef.

They cook their Baguettes in their Combi Oven then put them in the Blast Chiller. When the customer orders the Baguette put in the Combi Oven to regenerate so it ready to serve.

They also prep the Pulled Pork & juicy Roast Beef days earlier in the week cooked to perfection in the Combi Oven. The Combi Oven & Blast chiller work like a Tag Team delivering amazing food. I get excited, thinking about my next trip down to the cafe for another mouth watering flavour packed Baguette.

Having a Combi Oven is like having a well-trained army working for you. It allows uniform preparation so you deliver consistent high-quality food for large numbers of people at one time... and, here is the kicker, you can program the combi so that when you arrive every morning the food has been cooked and is ready to serve. Try doing that at home?

At Sydney Commercial Kitchen we use to think a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller were great tools for Cafe & Restaurants.

Since we have now Installed 2 Combi Ovens & 2 Blast Chillers downstairs in our warehouse. We Know These tools are essential to any commercial Kitchen.

Blast Chiller Combi Package 1

Shows a UNOX XEVC-0711-E1R ChefTop Mind Maps ONE Series 7 Tray Electric Combi Oven, UNOX ChefTop XEVHC-HC11 Hood with Steam Condensor and an IRINOX EF 20.1 Multi Fresh 20 Kg Blast Chiller Shock Freezer


Blast Chiller Combi Package 2

Includes CONVOTHERM C4GSD-610C easyDial 7 Tray Gas Combi Oven & a Friginox SBFMX30ATS Blast Chiller/Freezer

UNOX XEVC-0711-E1R ChefTop Mind Maps ONE Series 7 Tray Electric Combi Oven, UNOX ChefTop XEVHC-HC11 Hood with Steam Condensor and an IRINOX EF 20.1 Multi Fresh 20 Kg Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

Every time we demonstrate this tag team money making machines it convinces and confirms to us and our customer. These are a must for any commercial Kitchen.

If you are in Sydney then make a booking come try them out for yourself.

I can hear you saying “Alright Alright this sound too good to be true”

Here comes the Whopping BUT.

"This sounds good but not I'm McDonald's. How much does this cost?"

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In this package the Blast Chiller is the stand and the Combi Oven fits perfectly on top. This combination is one of the fully functional pieces of equipment that we have in our demo kitchen in Warriewood.

If you can't fit this combination under your existing exhaust canopy then you should consider buying the matching Unox vent hood with steam condensor.


This package will set you back $22,000 + GST, including the installation kit and if you purchase this prior to 30 June 2016 all items could potentially be included in the Government's Tax Incentive for equipment valued at less than $20,000 each.

Now I know you're saying “22K that's a large investment to make”

If I asked most business owner to give $22k & I will increase your profits you would probably laugh me & tell me "to get stuffed".

If you want to grow your business then you need to Get a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller.

In 2014 CB Insights, a New York-based research firm analysed 101 Start Up Business. “What led to the demise of 101 failed startups”

They found 29% of businesses failed because they didn't manage their Cash Flow... Not managing your Cashflow will cripple your business.

So instead of using all cash reserves to get a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller, Why not lease it?

Using FlexiCommercial the $22K becomes an easy weekly payment of under $150 over a 48 month term and returning to the above example of upselling to a hot roast beef baguette at $11 then you would only need to sell around 5 baguette's per day to pay for this package.

Using FlexiCommercial to get Combi Oven & Blast Chiller/Freezer

This way you can get the Combi Oven & Blast Chiller & pay for with the profits they generate for you.

So when you lease You can get a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller delivered without the outlay of a large sum of money.

If you are serious about stepping up with your food offering then you should also consider adding a vacuum sealer to the package...


Now your package would be approximately $24,600, which equates to $164 per week over a 48 month term. This means you will now have to sell almost 6 hot beef baguettes per day, hardly an impossible task.

Leasing allows you to manage your cash flow while growing your business.

Looking to finance a commercial kitchen, restaurant or cafe, but don't want to burn up your cash flow? A catering equipment lease can be a piece of cake.

You can get a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller without the stress of worrying about how you will find the money to pay for it. Because they will bring money into your business.

Your combi oven will change the way you cook. You can cook large amounts of food in a shorter amount of time. So this is perfect for caterers, hotels and hospitality industries, nursing homes, and any other kitchen needing a lot of food cooked at once.

Investing in a Combi Oven will add flexibility to your kitchen because it combines the advantages of steaming. (e.g., short cooking times, low cooking loss levels, juiciness) with those of convection heat (e.g., intense flavour, appetising colour, crisp crusts).

So why not lease a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller, so your customers will pay you more for better tasting food and will keep coming back for more.

To find out more about FlexiCommercial go to /flexirent.htm

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