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Catering and Hospitality Equipment Finance

Looking to finance a commercial kitchen, restaurant or café, but don’t want to burn up your cash flow? A catering equipment lease can be a piece of cake.

Our flexible lease solutions mean manageable monthly payments which are 100% tax deductible*. You can also easily add on equipment as your operations grow.

Lease Almost Any Equipment You Need

You can lease just about anything your business needs from a cake fridge to an entire commercial kitchen. Talk to us about our cash-flow friendly leasing solutions for:

Example Packages

Flexi Commercial Hospitality Solutions

5 Top Reasons To Lease Catering Equipment Through Flexi

 Flexible 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month term options
 No capital outlay means steady cash flow
 Tailored solutions to support growing businesses
 Ability to finance a single machine or a total fit out
 Fully tax deductible*

FlexiCommercial also offers finance for Australia’s leading POS equipment and ordering systems.

To find out more about this great offer please contact us on 1300 340 447

Flexirent is the retail leasing business of ASX listed FlexiGroup Limited, working with personal and business customers to provide flexible and fast rental finance solutions.

Over the Phone Approvals!

Simply call 1300 340 447 when you are ready to apply. Approval takes less than 15 minutes in most cases.

Why Lease?

With simple monthly repayments and minimal red tape, leasing equipment for your business is the smart way to get ahead.

Easy Application, Fast Approval

  Apply online or over the phone, and be approved for smaller amounts in minutes. Approval for larger amounts should take less than 48 hours.

No financials required

  You can now get super-fast processing for Finance and Operating Lease deals up to $50K - without the need for supporting financials^. To use the process, all you have to do is satisfy our credit criteria and verify your financial position via electronic retrieval of your bank statements on the Bankstatements.com.au website

Conserve your Cashflow

  Acquire business-boosting assets now without draining your cash flow. Leasing frees up lines-of-credit and other sources of funding so you can keep your business ticking along while benefiting from the innovation and efficiency that the leasing of new equipment provides.

Simple Monthly Payments

  No set-up fees or unexpected ongoing charges with a commercial lease. Instead, there’s an affordable fixed payment plan tailored to your needs. You choose the term and fixed monthly payments to suit your budget. Fixed lease payments, with terms from 2 to 5 years, mean you can plan with certainty and spread payments over your selected term.

Bundle Add-on Equipment

  Combine a range of items from a single supplier into one lease with easy combined monthly payments. Plus you can easily get a new agreement to get more equipment as your business grows.

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

  Out-of-date technology and equipment can slow you down. Leasing assets and equipment over their productive life allows you to upgrade to the very latest equipment during or at the end of the term. It’s a smart way to keep pace with technology and stay ahead.

Make Tax-time Easier

  Monthly lease payments maybe 100% tax deductible – if the equipment is used solely for business purposes. You don’t have to account for depreciation and you can claim a credit for the GST component as well. As a fully deductible operating expense for tax purposes, the actual cost to the business may be less than the actual payments*.

Flexible End of Contract Options

  Choose between an operating lease and a finance lease. At the end of an operating lease term, you can upgrade to new technology, extend the lease, make an offer to purchase or simply return the equipment. There are no hidden clauses or residual value liability.

At the end of a finance lease term, you simply pay the agreed residual amount and you own the equipment outright.

Easy Upgrade

  Take advantage of our upgrade option, and update equipment when required. It’s a great way of maintaining cash flow while financing your ongoing business needs.

Call 1300 871 608 to get a quote or apply for office equipment finance from FlexiCommercial.

*Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details. Finance subject to credit assessment and approval. Please see product terms and conditions for full details. Pricing based on a 60-month term Operating lease, payable monthly (GST inclusive). Quoted lease amounts are based 60 month term, include GST are paid monthly and subject to change without notice. Final rental payments will be supplied upon approval.

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Online Calculator

When using the calculator below to determine your monthly and weekly repayment amounts, follow these instructions:
1. Select either the Finance Lease or Operating Lease option from the drop down box.
2. Enter your purchase price, including GST and delivery.
3. Choose your term, either 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months [depending on the style of lease]
4. Under tax bracket, select Company (30%) from the drop down box
5. Check the GST Registered box [this should apply to almost every business, but speak with your accountant if you have any doubts].
6. Click Calculate

Over the Phone Approvals!

Simply call 1300 340 447 when you are ready to apply. Approval takes less than 15 minutes in most cases.