Hot Dogs are the ubiquitous spectator food!

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Commercial Hotdog Machines Nothing beats a hot dog on game day!

Hot dogs can be grilled or steamed and then served hot inside a partially sliced hot dog bun. Typically the bun is of similar size and shape to hold the sausage.

The usual condiments that compliment the hot dog and add flavour to suit the customer can include mustard, tomato sauce [ketchup], mayonnaise, relish as well as onions, sauerkraut, chili, cheese and coleslaw.

Hot dogs remain the universal snack! In kiosks, associations or at fairs, sport events etc., hot dog sales and recipes are multiplying.

At Sydney Commercial Kitchens we have 3 suppliers selling hot dog equipment to suit your every requirement.

Roband Hot Dog Machines

Treat your customers to delicious, steaming hot dogs using a Roband hot dog and bun warmer. The clear glass tank displays the hot dogs appealingly and the models with spikes heat the buns for a perfect combination.

There are 4 models in the Roband Hot Dog range:
M1 Hot dog warmer, glass steam tank only
M3 Hot dog warmer with 3 bun warming spikes
M3T Hot dog warmer with 3 Teflon® coated bun warming spikes
M6T Bun warmer only with 6 Teflon® coated bun warming spikes

Roband ...

Roband Hot Dog Roband Hot Dog Equipment

Roller Grill Hot Dog Professional hot-dog machines in all circumstances!

Roller Grill Hot Dog Machines

Roller Grill offers a wide range of professional hot-dog machines:

CS0E, CS 2 E, CS 4 E hot-dog steamers equipped with a glass cylinder and heating pads. These hot-dog machines are very compact and sausages can be cooked in advance. This model is often used in railway stations, airports, service stations for a regular daily service.

The hot-dog warmers RG 5, RG 7, RG 9 and RG 11 hold the precooked sausages at temperature while the hot-dog buns are heated in a bun warmer. This professional hot dog appliance is often used in hot spots or in football or rugby stadiums for a service in a very short time or at a half time.

Roller Grill ...

Semak Hot Dog Series

The Semak Hot Dog Series are classy & stylish while built to withstand the harsh demands of commercial applications. The HD4S perfectly suited to front of house applications such as canteens, milk bars & bakeries. The Glass Tank steams delicious hot dog's while the Bun Spikes may be heated for toasting or used simply to spike rolls without heating. Suited for commercial and domestic use, the HD4S is your complete Hot Dog Solution.

Semak Bun Spiker's heat and toast rolls for an extra delicious result and assists in keeping your hot dogs warm. With an optional cutting edge Teflon coating, the spikes are easy to clean and do not impart any metal flavours into the bun. Replaceable spikes and elements ensure the Bun Spiker Series will operate in the toughest commercial environments. For the perfect toasted Hot Dog Bun every time, you cannot go past the Semak Bun Spiker Series.

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Semak Hot Dog Series Semak Hot Dog Series

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