Does Your Commercial Kitchen Need A Combi Oven?

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So imagine a Convection Oven went out on a date with Steamer. They got drunk & the result of their union was a Combi Oven.

The Combi Oven was born out of blending a Convection Oven with & a Steamer.

Convotherm Combi Oven - Sydney Commercial Kitchens

A combi-oven is a versatile piece of equipment combining 3 modes of cooking in one oven:

  • • Steam Mode - The steam mode injects water into your oven to poach fish, rice and vegetables...
  • • Convection Mode (Circulated Hot Air). When you’re using the convection mode, your oven circulates dry heat. - ideal for pastries and breads...or
  • • Combi Mode (a combination of both). The real genius of the Combi Oven is combining dry heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels. So you get more control of the moisture levels in food...
  • For over 15 years hotels and high-volume restaurants have been pumping out delicious food. They have been applying a clever combination of steam and convection cooking.

    Everybody wants speed & that’s what you get when you use a Combi Oven…

    Unox Chef Combi Oven - Sydney Commercial Kitchens

    So How Does A Combi Oven Cook Faster with more Flavour?

    So if you want to cook a chicken or any protein you’ll know it’s full of moisture. If you put it inside your hot Convection Oven all the moisture draws out of the chicken into your Oven.

    If you just relied on, steaming alone your chicken would not get crispy enough.

    The difference between a Steamer & Combi Oven. With a Steamer, it’s 100°C with 100% steam all the time.

    With a Combi Oven, you can introduce anything from 10% to 100% steam at any temperature. The steamer mode can start producing steam as low as 49°C.

    Warning Science Lesson

    If we add 20% moisture there’s now a difference of pressure. With 20% of moisture surrounding the chicken in the oven. So there is nowhere for the moisture to go.

    So the chicken keeps the moisture.

    The moisture is not injected into the chicken. So you’re keeping the moisture in the chicken. So that will increase your yield. The birds going to weigh more because it has not lost all its moist juices.

    What How does this work?

    Fagor Advance Combi Oven - Sydney Commercial Kitchens

    Through osmosis everything wants to equalise - Moisture always wants to go to dry.

    What heck is Osmosis?

    “Osmosis” is the process by which small molecules automatically cross a semi-permeable membrane, compensating for a difference in the concentration of those molecules on either side of the membrane.

    Say what!

    Sorry for the technical mumbo jumbo, I mean explanation. Let me explain how this applies to your cooking.

    Think of the cold air in your house it wants to go out to the hot air.

    Everything wants to find equilibrium.

    These moisture levels are adjustable from 0% to 100% of possible maximum relative humidity. (a term used to describe the quantity of water vapour existing in a gaseous mixture of air and water).

    To get a better understanding of humidity in a Combi Oven it's far easier if we related this. "How it affects your body,""

    When it's 32˚C outside with high humidity. You're going to feel hotter than the actual air temperature. The extra humidity transfers heat faster. So you're going to feel the difference, more than if it was just 32˚C outside with zero humidity (dry heat).

    This same “Osmosis” effect controls, the inside of your Combi Oven. This enables chefs to cook food with higher heat and moisture control capabilities.

    At 100% relative humidity, you will be able to cook with high heat without burning or drying out your food. Your real benefit of a combi oven is it controls the humidity inside the oven chamber. So it, maintains exactly the desired atmosphere, reducing shrinkage and weight loss while also improving cook times and your results.

    So you can serve more juicy chicken packed with flavour. With a Combi Oven you won't be serving dried out chicken you, use to find at an 80’s club bistro.

    Everybody wants speed & that’s what you get when you use a Combi Oven…

    To cook a 2.7kg chicken in convection you’re would be looking at 1 hr 20 minutes cooking time. If you used a rotisserie that's going to take a good 1 ½ hours to cook your chicken.

    In Combi Oven, you can do this in 40 minutes

    Consistent food in and out so you always Deliver Consistent Cooking Results.

    Your Combi Oven is like a Sous Chef but he never calls in sick, gets hung over or misbehaves and never asks for pay raise.

    You can get a Combi Ovens in electric & gas configurations. The most common configuration is electric. To run your combi oven in a commercial kitchen, you will need 20 dedicated amps.

    Make sure there’s enough power in your kitchen to handle powering a Combi Oven before you buy one.

    Convection Oven Mode

    • • Convection Mode (cooking in a hot-air environment, without feeding in extra steam). Temperatures range from 30 °C to 250 °C or 300 °C, depending on the model...
    • • A convection oven uses an interior fan to evenly distribute hot air around the food. This allows for more even cooking and cuts down on cooking time...
    • •  You’ll use the Hot Air Mode which circulates air as a normal convection oven so you can bake cakes, bread and pastries...
    • •  One disadvantage of cooking with convection heat is your food tends to dry out quicker. So depending on the product, is't going to need longer cooking times…

    Steam Oven Mode

    • •  Steaming Mode (cooking using steam-saturated air). Usually, at 100 °C but also anywhere between 30-130 °C This mode is also suitable for sous-vide or vacuum-method cooking…
    • •  Steam is one of the most power forces on earth and the most efficient method of cooking available...
    • •  Most home cooks think of steam as a moist cooking method. Professional chefs understand this is not the case. Steam is a dry cooking method occurring when water heats to 100.5 °C. Steam then hits the product at a very high temperature and cooks it without sacrificing moisture…
    • •  Steam is dry and its added cooking power greatly reduces cook times and improves food quality while also reducing shrinkage of proteins.
    • •  With the Steam mode, you’ll find it’s ideal for rapid cooking of vegetables and shellfish...

    Loading Up A Combi Oven - Sydney Commercials Kitchens

    Discover How A Combi Oven Can Increase Your Profits Without the Headaches…

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    Combi Oven Mode

    • •  Superheated steam (a combination of the two methods named above) - temperatures range from 30 °C to 250 °C or 300 °C ...
    • •  Convection and steam are great cooking methods on their own. Yet when the 2 join forces, you’ll love the results. Your customers will keep coming back for your delicious food...
    • •  The combi mode will decrease your cooking times because food cooks 10-15% faster in the Combi Mode. So you can reduce the waiting times & get more food out to the tables quicker. So you can turn your table over more often...
    • •  With your Combi Oven pre-programed smart Cooking recipes you can adjust temperature and humidity in your oven and get less shrinkage. So you will be cutting your protein shrinkage in half. This means the money you spend on food goes a bit farther than it would with a regular convection oven...
    • •  The steaming function is ideal for foods like vegetables, potatoes and fish. Use (convection plus steam) heat to roast and braise meats, bake poultry and fish and reheat prepared foods...
    • •  When you cook proteins they will retain more of their juices, which will mean you be serving juicy meat with a crisp outer crust, & more flavour...
    • •  You have complete control over the cooking environment because your Combi Oven allows for manual regulation of temperature and humidity within the cooking chamber. Better yet you use the built-in recipes to crank out mouth watering food...
    • •  Having a Combi Oven is like having a well-trained army working for you, allowing uniform preparation & delivering consistent high-quality food for large numbers of people at one time...
    • •  Cook rice, vegetables, and proteins at the same time without flavour transference. You will be able to prepare up to 12 different dishes in different containers without mingling of flavours. So you eliminate Flavor Transfer. (When you cook multiple food items at the same time). Because of the auto-reversing fans circulating air, you don't have to rotate the dishes…
    • •  If that’s not enough for you. As you know, steam is a healthier cooking method (without cooking with oil or fat), you can cook dishes that taste delicious without sacrificing their nutritional value. This is especially important in a school cafeteria & Hospitals & Nursing Homes…
    • •  Cook grilled products in your Combi Oven. This is a must if you have to cater for big events requiring large amounts of food in short amounts of time...
    • •  Create New Dishes - Sous Vide without the hassle...
    • •  You be saving time & money by reducing your labour costs. You’ll get electricity savings as well as becoming more Energy Efficient...
    • •  Combi ovens need daily cleaning to keep them running inefficient, working order. To stop calcium build up most combi ovens come with an automatic cleaning mode. So once you finish cooking all your operator has to do is just press a button to start the cleaning process. There is no use for harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing...

    Unox Cheftop Program Control Screen - Sydney Commerical Kitchens

    Like all new things, you would expect there’s a steep learning curve to operate & manage all the exciting cooking variables. Of course, you want to be able to adapt your recipes to work in Combi Oven.

    You see the Combi Oven manufacturers want to make sure you’re up and running without a lot of hassles & wasted time. To make life easier your Combi Oven comes installed with over 200 of your favourite recipes.

    So with the push of a couple of buttons, you will be cooking your famous 'Big Breakfast". Load in Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Sausages & Tomatoes into your Combi Oven. Let your Combi Oven's computer cook your breakfast to perfection. The Computer will adjust the Temperature, Time & Moisture, so you can get on with your next task.

    Oh just in case “you’re thinking what if does not have my recipe”. Don’t worry it simple to change or add your own recipes, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use a Combi Oven.

    Once you have a Combi Ovens you will find you now have limitless cooking options at your fingertips. Cooking with a Combi Ovens is a breeze. Just pick the programmed recipe and like magic, it handles all the cooking processes for you.

    Do you want to operate like big restaurant & clubs

    Here’s a trick the smart restaurant owners use to save them time & money.

    They get all their prep work done at once, then they select the recipes, fire up the Combi Oven.

    Rational Combi Oven - Sydney Commercial Kitchens

    Once the cooking process has been completed in the combi oven you can then transfer the food into the Blast Chiller. Blast chilling is a method of cooling food quickly to a low temperature that is relatively safe from bacterial growth. Bacteria proliferates between +5°C and +70°C. By reducing the temperature of cooked food from +70 °C to +3 °C or below within 90 minutes, the food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption. This method of preserving food ensures the safety and the quality of the food product.

    Irinox Blast Chiller - Sydney Commercial Kitchens

    Now you can reheat your previously prepared food without loss of moisture, or of crispness…

    When you get your Combi Oven you may have to consult a counsellor for your other equipment. Because your Combi Oven will practically replace all conventional commercial cooking appliances, such as convection ovens, stoves, pots and grills. So they going to feel lonely & neglected with their lack of use.

    So you could save on your space, have fewer kitchen appliances because they won’t needed. Better you get another Combi Oven so you pump out more tasty food like a production line.

    Your combi oven will change the way you cook. You can cook large amounts of food in a shorter amount of time. So this is perfect for caterers, hotels and hospitality industries, nursing homes, and any other kitchen needing a lot of food cooked at once.

    Investing in a Combi Oven will add flexibility to your kitchen because it combines the advantages of steaming (e.g., short cooking times, low cooking loss levels, juiciness) with those of convection heat (e.g., intense flavour, appetising colour, crisp crusts).

    Discover How A Combi Oven Can Increase Your Profits Without the Headaches…

    Inside you'll find how to save money on your Food Costs & Wage Bills using a Combi Oven... Click here to Get Your FREE Combi Oven Guide

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