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Overnight cooking is easy with programming

Buying a combi oven is often one of the biggest expenses when setting up a commercial kitchen. And given that these appliances are often under used, having access to additional training makes great sense.

Unox Australia have now introduced a monthly newsletter, "Chef to You", which is designed to help you get more out of your combi oven.

Chef Marco Moresco, who is the UNOX Australia & NZ Corporate Chef, will keep you entertained on a monthly basis by delivering useful information that can assist you to further build your success.

In this, the inaugural edition, topics covered include a Monthly Recipe, Settings & Programming, Feature Of The Month and What's New.

Monthly Recipe - Rock 'N' Roll Pork Belly

Golden, bubbly crackling and perfectly seasoned, juicy pork - what more could you want?

The traditional method can take a long time to be done correctly. So, why not use the MIND.Maps‚Ñ¢ combi oven technology to produce the juiciest and crunchiest pork belly, by using a simple overnight cooking program?

It is important to outline the results of this recipe may vary and will leave it to each chef to add their own touch of brilliance.

Unox Combi cooking pork bellyUnox Combi cooking pork belly

Overnight cooking using Unox Combi OvensUnox Combi Ovens can work while you sleep

Why overnight cooking?

  • More flexibility during the day
  • No stress thanks to holding function
  • No labour cost
  • Dishes ready to serve, first thing in the morning

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