Woodson Countertop Ductless Filter Hoods

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The Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods are designed specifically for coutertop equipment.

They have a unique ductless design using a 3 way filtering system, including a stainless steel baffle, polyester and activated carbon filters to provide a clean, safe & odour controlled discharge over suitable countertop equipment.

Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods

They include flourescent lighting and a variable speed fan.

Suitable for countertop electric appliances up to 8kW where AS1668.2 does not stipulate exhaust.

Please remember to consult with your local council prior to purchasing these items to make sure the Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods meets with your council's appproval.


 Filter hood for countertop food equipment featuring unique 3-stage filtration to enable cleaner, lower odour emissions.

 Requires no ductwork and is designed for use over countertop equipment to ensure a cleaner and safer kitchen environment.

 Bench mounted for use in new or existing


 1.2mm 304 stainless steel construction with satin finish

 Unique ductless design incorporates stainless steel baffle filters, polyester filters and activated carbon filters to clean dirty air discharged from countertop equipment

 Initial stainless steel filter drains freely to grease gutter and overflow pans

 Easily removable filters for simple cleaning

 Includes powerful 4 speed variable speed fan

 Includes ceiling mounted fluorescent lighting

 Supplied with 32mm x 32mm stainless steel square tube supports for locating on existing benchtops

 Suitable for gas appliances up to 29mJ and electric appliances up to 8kW

 Supplied with 10 Amp plug & lead

Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods
Multiple speed fan selection

Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods
Designed for use over benchtop equipment

2 Models

W.CHD750 Dimensions: W 750 D 660 H 1150

W.CHD1000 Dimensions: W 1000 D 660 H 1150

Operating Instructions

 Ensure stainless steel and polyester filters are cleaned daily according to the instructions on page 6

 Ensure all filters are properly fitted into the unit prior to use. Do not operate without all filters fitted.

 As you commence use of your cooking equipment turn the hood’s fans on to the appropriate speed. The speed required will depend on the appliance, the frequency of use and the emissions it generates.

 The unit has 4 variable speeds (see diagram 2). Select the speed you require by flicking the relevant switch. The unit will operate on the speed of the highest selected setting.

 For additional illumination on the cooking area, turn on the light switch.

 At the end of the day follow cleaning instructions.

Maintenance & Cleaning


For the ongoing operation of your hood and the cleanliness of your kitchen you must clean your hood according to the following instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may void warranty and also present a risk within your kitchen. Always make sure the product is disconnected from the power source prior to cleaning.

 Do not immerse the unit in water or allow the ingress of water into the interior of the machine or any electrical components.

Woodson countertop ductless filter hoods


As long as cleaning instructions are followed the unit will give trouble free usage for a long period. However, the odour controlling filter in the product has a limited life span and will need replacing after a period, which will vary according to usage. You will know it needs replacing when the odour is no longer controlled. Contact the agent who sold you the unit for a replacement filter.

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