Will The Robots Take Over Your Kitchen?


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Will The Robots Take Over Your Kitchen?

Growing up I remember watching the Jetsons with all those fancy Gizmos.

For those who have never seen the Jetsons. This was a cartoon about a space-age family, where robots do everything.

Will The Robots Take Over Your Kitchen?

Robots... - Tin pot robot //flic.kr/p/LHwu4

We hear of Google's driverless cars. Drone helped identify areas worst-hit by the 2015 Nepal earthquake

Robotic vacuum cleaners. Planes fly on Autopilot

Today we have cameras which can automate the exposure so you get to catch the moment rather than fussing trying to get all the setting right. Focal Plane, FStop, Speed etc.

“Very few occupations will be automated in their entirety in the near or medium term. Rather, certain activities are more likely to be automated, requiring entire business processes to be transformed, and jobs performed by people to be redefined, much like the bank teller's job was redefined with the advent of ATMs.”
Four fundamentals of workplace automation - McKinsey Quarterly


It looks like the Robots are taking over.

Will The Robots Take Over Your Kitchen?

So what does that mean to the Cafe & Restaurant industry?

Automation touches all business...

Have you ever bought a Big Mac?

It does not matter where you buy them they look & taste the same.

Would you call that a fluke or just luck?

I don't think so.

Are Big Mac's the Best Hamburger? Probably not.

Why do they sell so many of then?

Getting a Big Mac is not a lucky dip.

When you order a Big Mac you know what you're going to get.

Big Mac It's consistent. It's precise, It looks the same. It tastes the same,

Big Mac, Pac Man? //flic.kr/p/8Tk2Rc

It's consistent. It's precise, It looks the same. It tastes the same.

It's Big Mac.

You don't open the box & have to guess what it is because it's a given. It's going have a Big Mac look & taste.

Think about this next time you order a Big Mac.

In old days you would walk up to the counter & a 17-year-old would take your Big Mac Order. They would then upsell you with fries & Coke.

The kid would punch in the correct codes so your Big Mac meal gets placed in the Burger making queue. Fries ordered. Ice & Coke squirt in your cup.

Within minutes your Big Mac Meals ready to go.

You can even order without getting out of your car.

Don't want to stand in the queue then just tap on computer screens & order your food.

McDonald's have been leaders in this area for years. But it's not just big business getting on Automatic fast food freeway.

It's now in the reach of any Restaurant or Cafe.

On Saturday I ordered 2 cappuccinos at a Cafe in Milson Point. The girl tapped her iPhone screen. I noticed my order flashed on the screen next to the Barista.

I then swiped my card & paid.

This Cafe did not look like NASA.

This Cafe did not look like NASA

They used an iPhone app, a Wireless Connection & a Computer Ordering System.

I guess I could order a Decaf Soy Latte With An Extra Shot And Cream, just to see how good their automated ordering system worked. But I just wanted a Coffee.

Within 3 mins I was walking out with my Caps. Happy days.

This Cafe was using Automation to make ordering simple & painless.

So What is Automation

“The dictionary defines automation as 'the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.' We define automation as 'the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.' ”
The International Society of Automation//www.isa.org/about-isa/what-is-automation/

McDonald's & this cafe both used Automation to help serve their customers better by making the process quicker & easier without pain.

The restaurant industry has embraced automation. But last time I checked R2D2 was not out the back prepping & cooking the meal.

last time I checked R2D2 was not out the back prepping & cooking the meal

R2D2 - Classic robot //flic.kr/p/9L46Sq

If you consider ordering a Big Mac, humans still cooked the meat pattie, placed it on the bun, added the sauce & lettuce. Wrapped it & put in the bag.

McDonald's has automated the Big Mac processes to get the best efficiency. There's a System for making a Big Mac. They just don't let guys out back go for it. You don't hear “Gimme Something like a Big Mac” or “See if you whip me up a Big Mac when you can get around to it”.

Each operator has photos of each step so they can see how it goes together. They know how it should look so they are always the same consistent Big Mac.

They have integrated the latest cooking technology & Systems so they can deliver the exact Big Mac every time.

You can automate many process in your Restaurant. The meat patties get cooked in a purpose Designed & built Griller which has builtin automatic times so the meat patties are cooked right. The amount of sauce is calibrated according to the formula.

The Big Mac components move through a burger conveyor system. Automation & people working together to make the Big Mac.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Robots in the kitchen is still a long way off. The Jetsons was just a cartoon fantasy. It's getting Closer.

So commercial kitchens are still going to need people to work in them.

You still need automation to make your kitchen run smoother & reduce waste so you make more profits.

So how do You Automate Your Kitchen?

Remember from our definition. Automation is to monitor and control the production and delivery of food for your customers.

You may not realise it. Restaurants have been using automation technology for over 90 years.

In 1926 Hobart Introduced the first commercial dishwasher. Before the dishwasher, every Plate Saucer & Glasses was washed by hand.

Now you wash Up to 1000 plates per hour

If you want your restaurant to survive then you need to look at adding automation to your kitchen.

Automation saves you money. Automation will help you deliver consistent food to your customers.

So we already know we can forget the ideas of putting robots in your kitchen, for the moment.

Even though you can not put robots in your kitchen you still can add automation to your kitchen.

The Kitchen suppliers have come to the party. Giving you plenty of options for automating your cooking process.

Automate Your Cooking

Here a list of some of the commercial kitchen equipment offering automation to your cooking.

Blast Chillers

IRINOX MF 70.1 PLUS Multi Fresh 70 Kg Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

IRINOX MF 70.1 PLUS Multi Fresh 70 Kg Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

Convection Ovens

Turbofan E33T5 Convection Oven

TURBOFAN E33T5 Convection Oven

Combi Ovens

All these Combi Ovens allow you to add Automatic Cooking

Includes CONVOTHERM C4GSD-610C easyDial 7 Tray Gas Combi Oven & a Friginox SBFMX30ATS Blast Chiller/Freezer

CONVOTHERM C4GSD-610C easyDial 7 Tray Gas Combi Oven

ROBOT COUPE ROBOT COOK Cooking Cutter Blender

ROBOT COUPE ROBOT COOK Cooking Cutter Blender

ROBOT COUPE ROBOT COOK Cooking Cutter Blender

Sous Vide

SOUS VIDE PS7001 Professional Classic Immersion Circulator

SOUS VIDE PS7005 Professional Classic Immersion Circulator

Talk to Sydney Commercial Kitchens to help us to guide you. With getting Equipment which will help Automate your Cooking, so you serve more consistent Food.

So you can reduce your costs & deliver more meals with less effort.

Skip all the hard work and get the right equipment Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

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