When Space is an Issue!


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When Space is an Issue In a modern commercial kitchen space is always an issue!

Kompatto, allowing for efficient space utilisation with a small footprint.

In the modern catering and food service business, space organisation in the kitchen is critical. This is often in the guise of getting more bang for their buck out of the kitchen.

So, with space getting smaller and smaller in order to reduce operational and setup costs, a new way of thinking about a product: multi-function, efficient, space saving.

In one word: Kompatto.

Kompatto is available in two versions:

KH models: Touch screen with High Efficiency Steam Generator - Boiler
KT models: Touch screen with instant steam generation

Precise control of humidity with patented technologies

Steamtuner: Kompatto ovens allow the user to determine both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the steam in the cooking chamber. The patent pending Steam Tuner system allows the user to adjust the degree of steam hydration to the precise level of dryness or humidity depending on the type of cooking desired.

Meteo System: The unique Meteo humidity control system allows for precise water consumption and minimal waste, due to steam production being optimised according to real cooking needs. In fact, the water needed to reduce steam condensation is used in a more economic way, reducing consumption even further.

Steam Tuner and Meteo System Precise control of humidity

All the features you love in a small footprint All the features you love in a small footprint

User friendly Easy to use Touch screen controls

Programs up to 500 programs with 9 phase programming and 100 pre-set cooking programs

Kompatto ovens with touch screen controls are available in two versions which differ in the way steam is produced:

KH • Combined system: Steam Generator + instant (Giorik patent): it integrates the High Efficiency Steam Generator with steam generated by instant mode.

KT • With instant steam generation system water is vaporized onto heater elements.

An automatic washing system for the oven chamber is standard on all models

This innovative system features 3 washing programs based on specific needs: soft, normal and hard. Detergent is automatically injected and the system switches off automatically when the wash cycle is finished.

Hand showers for light spot cleaning are also included. The need to perform the wash – in order to deep clean the oven following intensive use – is communicated directly to the user by showing the message on the control panel display, in accordance with the cooking cycles that have been carried out up until that moment.

XXXX An automatic washing system is standard on all models

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