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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

This week's fresh serve of news from around the Catering & Restaurant Industry.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in Catering Equipment & Restaurant Equipment, Food Trends & Business Tips from around the web.

Uber Eats admits bullying restaurants

Uber Eats bullied restaurants into taking responsibility for botched deliveries that weren’t their fault, and is now pledging to change its contracts.

They have been wrist-slapped by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for “unfair contract terms” that made restaurants on its platform responsible for deliveries they didn’t control.

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Uber Eats admits bullying restaurants Original story on businessinsider.com.au

Wage theft is a business model Original story on smh.com.au

Wage theft is a business model. Let's criminalise it

Articale by Ben Schneiders, Investigative Reporter

It is a business model too often based on theft.

Australia’s high-end restaurant sector has again been exposed as rotten, with George Calombaris’s restaurant business paying back nearly $8 million to hundreds of workers.

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Ways of working with influencers

Influencers can be great when it comes to providing advertising to an engaged audience. Caroline Swain explains the rules and regulations.

The world of influencers is rapidly evolving. While most influencers have not yet joined the ranks of traditional celebrities, there are now service teams specifically supporting influencers on branding and commercial relationships. Contracts are now expected, and having a firm contractual position is the norm.

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Ways of working with influencers Original story on thecaterer.com

Is this menu fraud? Original story on restaurantbusinessonline.com

Is this menu fraud?

The trend in recent years when describing individual meals on a menu has been to include the farm source of that meal.

But what happens when the supplier changes and the menu hasn't been updated?

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