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Turbo Air Self-Cleaning Condenser Turbo Air 'Self-Cleaning Condenser'

Revolutionary Self-Cleaning Condenser

Dust can accrue rapidly in areas where refrigeration is installed and used. Dust is drawn through the fan and accumulated, preventing the condenser from properly releasing heat. This causes the compressor to increase its pressure on refrigerants, increasing the possibility of the compressor breaking down.

Busy grocery shops, restaurant kitchen spaces and takeaway shops with heavy traffic accumulate massive amounts of dust quickly, leading to dirty condenser on your valuable refrigeration equipment.

This dirty condenser can then cause major issues through neglect and without proper maintenance such as; increased energy consumption, compressor failure, health inspection failure and manufacturer warranty void.

Dirty condenser coils are one of the most frequent service problems in commercial refrigeration.

The Turbo Air 'Self-Cleaning Condenser' cleans the condenser with a rotating brush that moves up and down 2-3 times a day, preventing any dust build-up and making it possible to always maintain the highest efficiency while saving additional energy.

Turbo Air

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