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Mendr, all over equipment repairs mendr are all over your equipment repairs!

Monday started out like any other morning, until 7:25am when the phone rang. "The coolroom is at 15°C and there is smoke coming out of the motor."

Arriving at the office and ring the manufacturer. Your worst fears are now realised when they advise that, yes, your coolroom is out of warranty!

Now what to do?

The last time you booked a service through the manufacturer it took almost 2 days for the service technician to arrive and this time there is food involved.

Then you remember about mendr.

This is my story!

9:38am Registered and booked service call online through the mendr app

Mendr broken equipment

10:30am Confirmation that a mendr technician is on their way.

Mendr broken equipment

Mendr, all over it mendr, all over it

Mendr on the road near you mendr, on the road near you.

Help is at Hand

11:12am The technician has arrived

Mendr have arrived

12:06pm Problem identified, quote to repair presented for approval. APPROVED!

Mendr quote approved

Broken Equipment?

12:55PM All finished, equipment checked and working.

Mendr all finished

mendr are all over it!

You bet they are, and FAST too!

Next time your equipment breaks down, what will you do?

Go to mendr ...

Mendr Tradie at work mendr Tradie at work

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