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Here are some great ideas for making sure your food is served HOT to your customers this winter.

1. Heat Lamps at the Food Pass

Heat lamps maintain prepared food at the correct serving temperature, while enhancing presentation at the same time.

They can be either decorative lamps or quartz or infra red heat lamp assemblies.

With many styles available, including colour and finish options, plus a choice of mounting and switch locations, there will be a model suitable to keep your food perfectly hot.

Heat Lamps

Heat Lamps Heat Lamps are perfect for keeping food hot

Heated Plate Dispensers The Culinaire® Dual Tube Heated Plate Dispenser

2. Heated Plate Dispensers

The Culinaire® Dual Tube Heated Plate Dispenser with fan forced heating is fitted with heavy-duty castors. Double skinned air insulated on all sides to minimise heat to external panels.

The mobile plate dispensers are fitted with two plate dispensing tubes that fit round plates 270-305mm. Each plate dispensing tube has a maximum capacity of 60kg.

Plate Warmers

3. Banquet Carts

If catering or functions are your thing then using a banquet cart to keep your food at serving temperature is imperative.

Banquet Carts are insulated or non-insulated mobile cabinets with a series of interior shelves and/or racks to hold plates and/or platters of food. They can be either heated or refrigerated units.

Banquet Carts allow food to be kept either warm or cold at food safe temperatures and are extremely useful in hospitals, aged care, clubs, function centres and exhibition halls.

Banquet Carts

Are functions your thing? Try using a banquet cart! Are functions your thing? Try using a banquet cart!

Hot Food on the Go! Hot Food on the Go!

4. Insulated Food Containers

When you need to transport the world from your kitchen to satellite locations, you can always count on Cambro.

Their large selection of insulated transport products and unmatched durability and performance have made us the brand of choice for over 60 years by caterers, hotels, schools and colleges, military units and disaster relief agencies alike throughout the world.

Cambro is a favourite of caterers for its compact size and ability to hold hot or cold food for 4+ hours.


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