Sliced and Diced

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Sliced and Diced Sliced and Diced, in record time!

Multigreen Combined cutter-slicers

The perfect combination. Vegetable slicer and cutter mixer all in one. Provide a variety of fresh cut vegetables as well as condiments and sauces.

Combined unit with vegetable hopper and stainless steel cutter equipment + ejector and 4 plates. Speed of rotation 1500 rpm

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Multigreen Combined cutter-slicers Multigreen Combined cutter-slicers

TRK Combined cutter-slicers TRK 45/55/70 Combined cutter-slicers

TRK 45/55/70

Combined cutter-slicers

3 in 1! With TRK your culinary creativity has no limits. A versatile machine able to prepare an entire menu from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. .

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TRS Vegetable slicers

Increased productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality and extreme sturdiness.

With a few simple movements all parts in contact with food can be removed, without tools, and are 100% dishwasher safe

Suitable for 100-400 meals for table service and up to 800 meals for catering service.

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TRS Vegetable slicers TRS Vegetable slicers

K Series Cutter Mixers K Series Cutter Mixers

K Series Cutter Mixers

The perfect choice for chopping, mixing, or emulsifying. Simple and robust multi-purpose cutters ideal for small to medium size kitchens.

High powered, built to last. The ideal machines for the professional chef. Chop, mince, grind and blend any preparation your recipe requires.

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