Seriously good BBQ Chicken

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Succulent BBQ Chickens Nothing beats a succulent BBQ Chicken

After a busy week I have to admit that, and even though I love cooking, nothing beats a juicy BBQ Chicken on a Friday night.

And, like coffee, BBQ chickens can become a gold mine for operators.

Even the big supermarket chains understand the power of selling these but where the little corner shop has an advantage perhaps is that most people want a complete meal to take home. Whether that be BBQ chicken and chips, or BBQ chicken and salad, the local corner store is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market.

And for the health concious, removing the skin and enjoying the chicken with a salad of your choice is a good option.

Chicken Rotisseries

For small to medium sized operations, the ideal solution might be one of the benchtop models available for the best succulent chickens.

These style units can handle between 8 and 36 chickens in a single cooking cycle.

For additional flavour, BBQ chicken is often seasoned or coated in a spice rub, barbecue sauce, or perhaps both.

Rotisseries ...

Chicken Rotisseries Chicken Rotisseries are good for 8 to 36 birds

Combi ovens produce succulent roast chickens Combi ovens produce succulent roast chickens

Combi Ovens

These days the big supermarket chains all use a combi steamer oven to prepare their ready to eat Roast Chickens.

Using a combi oven is a great way to compete in this market and can allow you to offer a superior product over some of your competitors. Part of this advantage is because using a combi oven allows you to use the combi mode which introduces steam into the cooking chamber. This aloowing the bird to retain the majority of its moisture and juices.

There are specialty chicken racks available with most brands of combi ovens.

Combi Ovens ...

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