Robot Coupe Cuisine Kit

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Robot Coupe have just released a Mashed Potato Attachment. This unit is designed for the CL50, CL50 Ultra, CL52, R502, R502 V.V., R602 V.V. and the R652 models.


The Mashed Potato Attachment features a feed tube designed to make the process continuous, a special ejector disc for the pureed vegetables, a paddle and a grid which is available in 2 sizes, 3mm and 6mm according to the desired texture required.

Speed and Output: the Mashed Potato Attachment is capable of producing up to 10 Kg of fresh and flavourome mashed potato in just 2 minutes.

Ergonomics: there s a conveniently wide feed opening allowing for the continuous throughput of potatoes, a great labour saving feature.

Versality: in addition to the 50 plus existing ways of processing your fruit and vegetables, [slicing, grating, ripple cutting, dicing, shredding and chipping] take advantage of the new pureeing attachment on your veg prep machine.

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