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Operating systems

Research shows that while 90% of independent restaurants and cafes fail, over 90% of franchised restaurants are successful.

Given those percentages, doesn’t it make sense that you would want to operate your business more like a franchise than an independent restaurant or cafe.

Cafe manager systems

So, what are the franchise operations doing that allows them to enjoy a high percentage of success and gives them such an edge over independent restaurants?

The answer is really quite simple.... when you buy a franchise you are trained right from the start using a proven system. Nothing is left to chance. They duplicate the way they operate time and time again using written systems that everyone can follow.

Operation systems are rare in small businesses. Usually the reason is a lack of time to prepare the detailed information, and lack of a model on which to base it.

Yet the percentages above clearly indicate that your chances of success in this exciting industry are dramatically increased by having your own operating system.

Despite knowing this, when faced with the choice of spending hours to create these systems or doing nothing, many business owners choose to do nothing.

There is a great saying "change is difficult but to not change can be fatal".

A restaurant and cafe operating system usually contains the following sections:

  •  staff costing and managements systems
  •  cost control and financial management systems
  •  functions management systems
  •  bar management systems
  •  front of house management and administration
  •  customer service
  •  cash register and point of sale systems
  •  marketing

I am sure you will all agree it is obviously worth investing the time in developing an operating system for your business. In fact, your success could depend upon it.

To find out more about how you can have detailed operating manuals for your restaurant or cafe, please go to:

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