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Chill Touch, coming to a kitchen near you! Chill Touch, coming to a kitchen near you!

So, what does a commercial kitchen equipment post have to do with losing weight?

Well nothing actually! This is not some fad diet article.

Rather it is a post on the benefits of Blast Chilling and Blast Freezing, which are considerable.

It remains a mystery to me why so few food businesses have taken up the opportunity to add one of these units into their kitchens, especially given the enormous advantages with using a blast chiller or freezer.

So, what are the benefits?

1. Food Tastes Better

Dishes chilled or frozen incorrectly can destroy their texture, flavour and appearance. a blast chiller preserves premium quality, so you can charge premium prices.

2. Improved Food Safety

Maintain freshness over time with superior food safety and comply with HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points - cold chain management). Blast chillers remove the need to have food cooling on benches or having warm food sitting alongside cooler food in a conventional chiller.

3. Labour Cost Savings

Save up to 30% on labour costs through reduced overtime and being well prepared for peak demand periods in advance.

4. Lower Input Costs

Produce can be purchased in bulk when prices are seasonally lower, then blast chilled and frozen for use at a much later date.

5. Prepare Foods Faster

Improve workflow and speed up preparation times. Blast chilling/freezing technology allows you to take food straight from the oven or off the cook top and rapidly chill or freeze it.

6. Batch Prepare Ahead Of Time

Large quantities of food can be pre-prepared days or weeks in advance, then blast chilled or shock frozen to allow for rostered days off and demand spikes.

7. Less Waste

In a commercial kitchen, up to 40% of food can be thrown out. Blast chilling technology reduces waste dramatically, by allowing better planning and significantly longer preservation of fresh and pre-prepared food.

Additionally, after cooking, food releases moisture through evaporation. By placing your cooked food into a blast chiller straight from the oven or cooktop stops this evaporation from occurring. Reducing the loss of water & moisture content from your product. thus ensuring you get more value from your food & ingredients purchases. If your product is sold by weight, revenue can be increased by up to 7%!

8. Longer Shelf Life

With bacteria formation being eliminated during blast chilling and shock freezing, food can be preserved in pristine condition for up to three times longer.

9. 24 hours

If you are preparing food for resale later, and under standard cooking and storing procedures, you have a 24 hour window to sell that food. After that time it should be consigned to the bin and added to your food wastage account. What a shame!

Using a blast chiller or blast freezer dramatically changes that outcome by increasing the shelf life of your products.

Tecnomac premium quality blast chillers and freezers

The Tecnomac range consists of premium quality blast chillers-freezers specially designed with the user in mind. The intelligent and functional design of Tecnomac's units makes them easy to adjust, program and clean. Great power, versatility and reliability are the most evident features of the Tecnomac blast chiller-freezers. Thousands of operators all over the world are already successfully using Tecnomac thus improving their work, leaving more time for creativity and many ways to save money.

"Tecnomac allows us to keep our products for longer periods without losing the quality. The integrity of the products stays the same and there is no loss of moisture or spoilage. The machines run continuously from 5am until 11pm and it handles each load perfectly, day in, day out. It [the Tecnomac] is a very high performance machine at a reasonable price point,""

Adriano Zumbo

Zumbo Patisserie


  • • Each unit contains a core probe which automatically controls the length of the blast chilling cycle and is easily removed ensuring delicate items aren’t misshaped.
  • • 99 user defined programs for automatic blast chilling-freezing of a wide range of products.
  • • Tecnomac has moved to use R452A refrigerant in all reach-in Blast Chiller freezers. This means a 45% reduction in GWP (global warming potential) over previous R404A refrigerant gas.
  • • An extensive range of tray and trolley models to suit any foodservice or manufacturing requirement.
  • • Cutting-edge Italian design and manufacturing with a two year parts and labour manufacturing.

99 user defined programs 99 user defined programs

Greater control Greater control


  • • Built-in USB drive for HACCP control and data download as standard (except BK510/15 units) ensuring food safety and quality.
  • • Dedicated cycle for ice cream production with a non stop -45°C program to quickly freeze ice cream and Gelato to perfection.
  • • The new Dynamic Frost Control Algorithm limits the formation of the ice during chilling, especially with small loads to guarantee food consistency.
  • • Soft blast chilling, hard blast chilling and blast freezing as standard on all units to ensure quality and hygiene in food processing.
  • • Dual suitability tray / rack allows for GN 1/1 and 600 x 400mm trays and is specifically designed to facilitate the air flow, increasing the machine's efficiency.


Add a vacuum sealer into your cooking equipment lineup and reap the additional benefits.

Blast Chiller Free Guide

Blast Chiller Free Guide

Change what you do with food using a blast chiller or blast freezer ...

Blast chillers are the future for food...read this free guide to find out why ...

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