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Tips to Survive a COVID world.

This week's fresh serve of tips from around the globe to help the Catering and Restaurant Industry survive a COVID world.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in Catering Equipment & Restaurant Equipment, Food Trends & Business Tips from around the web.

Not everything is doom and gloom, so in today's post we look at changes that have had a positive impact on hospitality businesses during COVID-19.

1. Online Ordering

This pandemic has given a massive increase in online ordering.

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Demand for Plant based foods is growing Demand for plant based foods is growing

2. Menu Changes

Simplified menu's are now the go and high profit lines should make up the majority of an abreviated menu.

Many owners are taking the opportunity to incorporate plant based foods into their new menu's.

Plant to Plate Foods is an Australian based, family owned and made manufacturer of Plant-based Cheese, Mayonnaise & Meals.

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3. Sanitising Stations

Believe it or not, sanitising stations are one of the best changes to the hospitality industry. For years hospitality staff have had hygiene and hand washing routines drilled into them. Now, making customers aware of how important this is to ensure everyone's safety is a very positive outcome.

Placing a hand sanitising station at the front door of your place of business is the obvious way to encourage people to use it.

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Hand Sanitising Stations Increased safety is a positive outcome

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