Of all the sandwiches, why ham?


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popular sliced meats Salami, proscuito & ham are popular sandwich meats

Sliced meats remain a mainstay in sandwiches, wraps and toasted facaccias purchased in takeaways and cafes around Australia. As well, almost every grocery store has a deli counter displaying a variety of sliced meats.

Noaw Slicers

Noaw Slicers, through our supplier Roband Australia are helping to meet that demand. There is a Noaw slicer model suitable for almost every business.

Noaw Medium Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicers

Three medium-duty, manual gravity-feed slicers are available featuring a compact one-piece anodized aluminium body and built in sharpening head and blade ring-guard. The slicer disassembles quickly without the need of tools for easy cleaning.

This series is designed for smaller shops, deli’s, cafes and restaurants with shorter runs and will slice a variety of product with ease and offer many years dependable service.

Models available: NS220, NS250 & NS300

Noaw Manual Gravity Feed Slicers

Heavy Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicers

Noaw Heavy Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicers

Three heavy-duty, manual-feed, belt-driven machines are available. With a large one-piece anodized aluminium base and the use of more robust components, the machines are designed for handling larger volumes. Featuring a built in sharpening head and blade ring-guard, the machines are also easy to disassemble without tools for thorough cleaning.

This series is designed for larger delis, restaurants and supermarkets and will slice all types of meat for long periods with ease and offer many years of dependable service

Models available: NS250HD, NS300HD & NS350HD

Noaw Gear Driven Slicer

The gravity feed gear driven slicer has been designed to effortlessly handle heavy loads like cheese, bacon and meat that might cause slipping of a belt driven machine.

Manufactured from anodized aluminium with clean lines, the machine features a built-in sharpening head and blade ring-guard.

They are an ideal machine for high volume work required of large restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens and butcher shops.

Models available: NS350HDG,

Noaw Gear Driven Slicers

Noaw Heritage Flywheel Slicer

Noaw Heritage Flywheel Slicer

With stunning design, the Heritage Flywheel Slicer is a premium quality fully manual slicer producing artisan results. Constructed from stainless steel and aluminium, featuring an alloy steel blade (100Cr6) perfectly balanced and chrome plated, the machines robust construction complements the striking red enamel finish.

The meat table and blade movements are fully co-ordinated and geared to the hand rotation of the flywheel such that one rotation of the flywheel produces multiple turns of the blade. Additionally, as the flywheel turns, the carriage proportionately moves the food being sliced towards the blade. A double sliding plate with a lockable hand grip securely holds the meat in place to ensure consistent shaving.

The machine has been designed with ease of cleaning in mind. The space between the blade and the head is easily accessible to enable regular cleaning. A quick release meat table makes removal easy.

The Heritage Flywheel Slicer is a truly beautiful machine to own and operate.

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