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Jamie's Italian upheaval

Jamie's Italian Canberra has closed.

While the Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Parramatta and Adelaide will remain open, the Brisbane-based Hallmark Group will take over operating the Australian franchises of the chain.

Of course it is sad that the Canberra staff are now out of work, however the good news is that Canberra has a vibrant hospitality industry and with luck all the effected staff will soon be re employed.

No reason was given for the Canberra restaurant closure, but having eaten there quite recently it is clear that something wasn't working. I am not one normally given to complain but my Strip Loin Steak, which I ordered 'medium rare' was delivered 'well done'. I took one bite. Back it went. Almost 1 hour later a replacement meal arrived and alas, this steak was as tough as a leather boot. Unfortunately I chose to eat it as I was starving by this point.

I had been looking forward to the experience of dining there but in the end I left extremely disappointed.

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Why In-N-Out Burger popped up in Australia

While In-N-Out does not have any Australian stores, it has hosted several pop-ups across the country. In-N-Out popped up in Sydney in 2017 and Melbourne earlier this year, where it reportedly sold 300 burgers in 30 minutes.

Now, it has been revealed that the pop-ups could serve a purpose: to ensure In-N-Out Burger has an Australian presence in order to solidify its trademark and prevent Australian businesses from ripping off its name. The California-based company is seeking damages from Down N’ Out and wants the business to change its name.

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Vegan Market Grounded, Given $6K Fine

The popular Sydney Vegan Market has been put on hold for at least three months, delivering a $1 million blow to stallholders, businesses and the local economy.

Several other community events including a cancer fundraiser are also in limbo.

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Water may be the secret to the perfect cup of coffee Original story on

The secret to a perfect cup of coffee may be as simple as the sort of water you use.

Sydney scientists test the perfect water for making coffee.

Which sounds great, but pretty much you are limited in your cafe to the local water supply.

It will be interesting to see if they can significantly change the water supply in the machine to produce a better result and still make the machine affordable.

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