Magic Happens in the Kitchen

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Magic Happens in the KitchenMagic happens here!

Walk in to any commercial kitchen and you should be greeted by the constant hustle and bustle of a busy environment and be surrounded by the intoxicating scent of delicious cooking. Magic happens here!

And, while customers almost universally expect magic to appear on their plates, it is typically only the chef who gives any thought as to how this will all happen.

Why stainless steel makes the best companion in the kitchen.

Whether purchasing equipment for restaurants, catering businesses or even their own home kitchens, chefs always opt for commercial pots and pans. Commercial-grade cookware is tested for durability and heat consistency, so cooks know the solid construction will be reliable and durable to meet their needs.

Here are the Pros and Cons of using stainless steel cookware:

Stainless pots and pans are better balanced because they’re heavier and the handles are usually stronger. Because of this they easily can cope with the rigours of a busy commercial kitchen.

Stainless steel cookware holds heat well, making it useful for dishes with long cook times and the nonreactive surface means you can cook almost anything in it.

Stainless steel lasts longer than most of the alternatives, making it more cost effective in the long run.

These days, stainless steel is a popular choice for cookware because it is strong, hard and non-corrosive. While stainless steel is not the best conductor of heat energy, when combined with aluminium in multi-layered bases it makes a great choice for your commercial kitchen.

Trenton International

Trenton International Hotel & Restaurant Supplies is a family owned company with their main operation based in Sydney. Trenton ship to all parts of Australia and internationally.

Trenton are committed to bringing you the best in cutlery, crockery, kitchenware, bar, counter and related table service items and they are an ideal addition to what we sell at SCK.

Their extensive range highlights ongoing efforts to bring you the best products for the hotel, restaurant, cafe, aged care and catering industries.

At trenton they focus on high quality traditional and inovative cookware and kitchenware for your venue. Every conceivable commercial kitchen tool is available from Trenton international.

Trenton's range of products includes stainless steel saucepans, saute pans and stockpots, polyethylene coloured cutting boards, extra heavy duty utility tongs, high grade stainless steel bowls, a host of skimmers, ladles, basting spoons, silicon moulds and Arcos professional knives.

Pujadas Inox-Pro Cookware

Tradition and innovation makes Pujadas a leader in the manufacture of kitchenware and kitchen utensils for the foodservice industry.

The Pujadas range includes, saucepans, saute pans & stockpots.

Pujadas Cookware...

Pujadas Inox-Pro CookwarePujadas Inox-Pro Cookware

XXXXCutting Board Set

Trenton Cutting Board Sets

Set of 6 colour coded chopping boards.

Polyethlene 1 each of Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Chopping Boards ...

Trenton Cutlery

Using high grade stainless steel in mirror and satin finishes, this cutlery exhibits a focus on designs that embrace both traditional and contemporary styles. European designs deliver a sleek and elegant presence to any hospitality arena.

Three styles, Melbourne, Sydney & Barcelona.

Cutlery ...

Trenton CutleryTrenton Cutlery

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Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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