Last night we held a 2nd Commercial Kitchens Trilogy Demo

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Last night we held a 2nd Commercial Kitchens Trilogy Demo

Irinox showcased cakes from De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

So here's some photos the from the night:

Irinox Blast Chiller

Pete from Skope explained how the Irinox blast chiller works.

Irinox showcased cakes from De Toni Patisserie & Bakery.

Irinox showcased cakes from De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

The Irinox blast chiller has saved De Toni Patisserie & Bakery time & resources creating these mouth-watering treats.

Irinox showcased cakes from De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

I think you'll agree, these cakes look sensational!

Irinox showcased cakes from De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

Check out the Ironox Blast Chiller

UNOX Combi Oven

Sean from UNOX took the Unox Combi Oven through its paces.

You'd be surprised at what you can cook.

He started off with crispy, fluffy pastizzis.

How does this sound? 12 bacon & egg rolls cooked in 2 minutes.

UNOX Combi Oven 12 Bacon & eggs Rolls cooked in 2 minutes

He could have easily cranked out 30 bacon & egg rolls, but we were only using 3 of the 7 trays.

Then we had pork spare ribs, which had been cooked an hour earlier. The ribs were vacuum sealed and then regenerated in the Unox oven.

Spicy, succulent & juicy ... just how I like my ribs!

In order to demonstrate how you can cook multiple products at the same time, Sean did his famous 3 plate feast.

Crispy skinned salmon, pizza, and roast pork crackling were all cooked at the same time without a hint of cross-contamination of flavours.

UNOX Combi Oven Roast Pork with Crackling

Each dish was cooked to perfection. Spot on.

He then stunned us by cooking rib eye steak with grill marks.

By this stage I was pretty full, but there was still more to come!

It was time to roll out the Steam Maxi finale.

He grabbed half a dozen eggs, ripped the top off the carton and placed it into the oven.

UNOX Combi Oven Feast

He followed this up with a tray of broccoli, a tray of carrots & a tray of rice.

With timers set, we hardly had time to have a beer when he started pulling the trays out of the oven.

I have never tasted vegetables so packed with flavour & still full of crunch.

Check out the UNOX Combi Oven

Orved Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealing pork Spare ribs in The Orved Vacuum Sealer

We finished the night with a quick Orved Vacuum Sealer demo by Ashley from ICE.

Check out the Orved Vacuum Sealer.

I bet you wish you were there!

We realise that not everybody can attend these demos.

Commercial Kitchens Trilogy Webinar

Just so you can see what you missed out on, we recorded the last Commercial Kitchens Trilogy Demo & turned it into a webinar.

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You will discover why we claim getting the Commercial Kitchens Trilogy (Combi Oven, Blast Chiller & Vacuum Sealer) will change the way you cook.

Your Commercial Kitchens Trilogy Webinar...

Using A Combi Oven, Vacuum Sealer & Blast Chiller Will Change The Way You Cook...

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