Keep it clean

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Keep it clean

UNOX DET&Rinse detergents are specially designed to guarantee maximum hygiene levels, lower consumption and long life of your combi steamer oven.

Excellent results, guaranteed hygiene

The effectiveness of the washing cycle depends on both the detergent and the actual process. UNOX combines them to guarantee optimal results and minimize consumptions.

Aggressive against dirt, delicate with the oven

DET & Rinse is designed to be compatible with every component of the oven it comes into contact with.

Seven cleaning agents attack all types of dirt, keeping the cooking chamber steel bright and shiny.   

Choose the one that fits your needs

Choose DET&Rinse™ PLUS double concentration for the most intense dirt or DET&Rinse™ ECO for daily cleaning and maximum respect for the environment.     

Unox ovens with ROTOR.Klean automatic washing.

Protect the performance of your Unox combi oven

This Unox oven was installed in January 2017 and , as you can see from the photo taken earlier today, it is still in sparkling clean condition.

In fact, humans take care of the cleaning of the outside of the oven and the installed cleaning program takes care of the inside.

It is easy to see who is doing the better job!

Unox Care - 1; Humans - Nil

Protect the performance of your Unox combi oven

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