It's freezing inside.

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It's freezing inside Frozen Berries

Commercial Chest Freezers are generally of 2 different styles, either with a solid stainless steel lid that can double as a worktop or with glass sliding lids for displaying of products. The solid lid variety are used as storage and are often located in the back of a kitchen. Display freezers on the other hand are located in customer areas and are generally self serve. They can be used for impulse buying, think ice creams.

Their construction is typically much more robust than domestic units and specifically the hinges on lift up lids are designed for the often rigorous use in a commercial environment. The commercial units could also be expected to reach and hold lower operating temperatures.

By adding a glass or perspex canopy they can be used as a smaller ice cream scooping cabinet.

Bromic Chest Freezers

Offering unparalleled versatility, Bromic chest freezers are the true commercial refrigeration workhorse and a must in any industry serious about safe stock storage.

Thier European-built chest freezers offer reliable and efficient refrigeration, available with a number of lids to suit specific applications, such as display, storage or as an additional standalone work space.

Bromic ...

Bromic Curved Glass Chest Freezers

 Exquisite Chest Freezers

Exquisite Chest Freezers

Both glass sliding display and SS hinged lids units are available.

They offer temperature rangesf between -15° to -25°:C, with static cooling systems and manual defrosting.

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ICS Pacific Chest Freezers

The ICS Pacific range of sliding glass lid display chest freezers have a high load line giving superb product display.

The also operate effectively

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ICS Pacific Chest Freezers

Liebherr Chest Freezers

Liebherr Chest Freezers

Greater sales success and superb freezing performance

With Liebherr impulse sales chest freezers, not only are your products arranged to great visual effect, they are also displayed clearly and invitingly beneath the sliding glass lids. This high quality presentation increases the chance of a quick purchase decision. Fitted with sturdy castors, these chest freezers can be quickly and easily moved around, as required.

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