Irinox Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers

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SKOPE are now the exclusive Australasian distributors of the world leading Irinox Multi Fresh range of Blast Chillers, Shock Freezers, Holding Cabinets and the specialist Bakery Day System.

Since 1989 Irinox continues to lead the world in Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer technology. The range is suitable for all food service and food preparation industries including restaurants, caterers, bakeries and patisseries and is ideal for confectionary, gelato, ice cream and chocolate.

The advantages of using an Irinox system:

Pre-prepare meals without compromising food texture, flavour and freshness
Cool and freeze food with speed and delicacy
Continuously serve high quality food
Reduce production costs
Reduce food wastage
Limit food weight loss
Preserve food for longer


The results:

Greater food management
Maximum food quality, freshness and consistency
Expand food menu options
Better organisation
Quicker customer service
Improved safety standards
Significant ongoing savings
Ability to work smarter and boost profits

Who would benefit from using an Irinox system:

Commercial kitchens
Restaurants and cafes
Ice cream manufacturers
Any commercial operation that needs to preserve and store food

Eight reasons why Irinox technology will transform your food management

1. Food tastes better

Dishes chilled or frozen incorrectly can destroy their texture, flavour and appearance. Irinox preserves premium quality, so you can charge premium prices.

2. Improved food safety

Maintain freshness over time with superior food safety and comply with HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points - cold chain management). Irinox removes the need to have food cooling on benches or having warm food sitting alongside cooler food in a conventional chiller.

3. Labour cost savings

Save up to 30% on labour costs through reduced overtime and being well prepared for peak demand periods in advance.

4. Lower input costs

Produce can be purchased in bulk when prices are seasonally lower, then blast chilled and frozen for use at a much later date.

5. Prepare foods faster

Improve workflow and speed up preparation times. Irinox technology allows you to take food straight from the oven or off the cook top and rapidly chill or freeze it.

6. Batch prepare ahead of time

Large quantities of food can be pre-prepared days or weeks in advance, then blast chilled or shock frozen to allow for rostered days off and demand spikes.

7. Less waste

In a commercial kitchen, up to 40% of food can be thrown out. Irinox blast chilling technology reduces waste dramatically, by allowing better planning and significantly longer preservation of fresh and pre-prepared food.

8. Longer shelf life

With bacteria formation being eliminated during blast chilling and shock freezing, food can be preserved in pristine condition for up to three times longer.

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