Introducing IHexagon by Rational

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Introducing IHexagon by Rational

Introducing the iHexagon: A New Era in Culinary Excellence by RATIONAL

As we step into April 2024, the culinary world continues to buzz with excitement over the recent launch of the iHexagon by RATIONAL, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality in the professional kitchen. This groundbreaking product, unveiled in February, heralds a new era in food preparation technology, setting a benchmark for speed and quality.

A Triumphant Trio of Technologies

The iHexagon is not just a cooking device; it's a testament to RATIONAL's pioneering spirit, representing the third major innovation in the company's storied history, following the combi-steamer and the iVario. This innovative unit combines steam, hot air, and microwave technologies to deliver unparalleled food quality across all six racks of the 6-1/1 unit, evenly and efficiently. The core of this breakthrough is the iClimateBoost, a smart cooking assistant that adjusts the cooking environment to perfection, ensuring optimal results for any dish.

The Power of iClimateBoost

During its grand reveal, Markus Paschmann, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at RATIONAL, along with the company's Research & Development experts, highlighted the iClimateBoost's role in the iHexagon's functionality. This feature intelligently balances steam, convection, and microwave heat for each specific food item, slashing cooking times without compromising on quality. The result is consistently excellent outcomes across all levels, enabling the simultaneous cooking of various food types.

Addressing the Culinary Challenges

RATIONAL's journey with the iHexagon has been one of relentless pursuit of perfection. Early iterations saw challenges in maintaining the brand's high standards for food quality. However, by harnessing the most potent heating power RATIONAL has ever developed, the team achieved a harmonious balance of energy, resulting in juicy, perfectly browned, and flavour-rich dishes.

Designed for Speed and Quality

The iHexagon shines in environments where both quality and speed are paramount. Capable of producing substantial quantities quickly, it is ideally suited for large gatherings or catering events, offering a solution to long queues and enhancing sales opportunities during peak times. Additionally, its ability to standardise dishes and processes makes it a valuable asset in kitchens focusing on consistency, further supported by RATIONAL's ConnectedCooking digital kitchen management system.

A Step Towards Safer and More Efficient Kitchens

RATIONAL also introduces the iCareSystem AutoDose with the iHexagon, an autonomous cleaning system that integrates cleaner and care cartridges directly into the unit. This innovation not only ensures precise dosing and contact-free interaction with chemicals but also significantly enhances workplace safety and reduces operational costs.

The iHexagon and Beyond

While the iHexagon is a specialised tool for certain applications, RATIONAL reaffirms its commitment to the iCombi and iVario as comprehensive solutions for the broader professional kitchen landscape. With specialised sales and application teams, RATIONAL is dedicated to advising whether the iHexagon is the right choice for specific kitchen needs.

A New Era Begins

Available initially in Germany, the UK, and the USA, with plans to expand globally, the iHexagon is poised to revolutionise the way professional kitchens operate. Markus Paschmann encapsulates the excitement surrounding this launch, stating, "With the iHexagon, we have created a new, intelligent product category with performance features that are unique on the market."

For those eager to dive deeper into the iHexagon's capabilities and the vision behind it, RATIONAL invites you to explore further details and revisit the keynote speech here. Join us as we celebrate the dawn of a new era in culinary excellence with the iHexagon.

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