Humidity gives way to flavour

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Humidity gives way to flavour

Unox DRY.Maxi™

Unox DRY.Maxi™ effectively removes humidity from the cooking chamber to give your food perfect consistency, colour and crunchiness every time.  

Unox combi ovens use preheated hot air to quickly extract the humidity in a very precise way that chefs can select in increments of 10% at a time, that will work perfectly for air-frying, grilling and dehydrating.

The cooking of a full load of food can produce a huge amount of humidity that needs to be effectively and rapidly evacuated to achieve cooking perfection.

The Unox MIND.Maps™ improved DRY.Maxi does that with the highest effectiveness.

Forced humidity extraction

In our commercial kitchens at Warriewood, one of our great customers is baking Rusks, using her Grandmother's recipe.

An integral part of this recipe is the dehydration of the product, after the cooking process, which would normally have taken 8 hours overnight. Using the Unox ovens Dry.Maxi feature in the combi oven, this process has been successfully reduced to under 2 hours.

Forced humidity extraction

Combi Ovens

Discover how a Combi Oven can increase your profits without the headaches.

Understand how using your combi oven to cook overnight while you are asleep will save on wage costs and create delicious tasting foods for your business.

Plus information on the main brands of combi ovens that are available in Australia.

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