How easy is cleaning your combi oven?

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How easy is cleaning your combi oven?

One of the lessons that all chefs are taught during their training and at culinary school is to clean as you work.

In the middle of a busy service, chefs want to be able to find everything they need, rather than searching through stacks of dirty plates and commercial cooking equipment.

As a result, chefs can spend a lot of time cleaning commercial dishwashers, commercial ovens and other kitchen equipment. Of course, this is the 21st century and there must be technology that can take care of manual cleaning processes? Well, you’re in luck! RATIONAL’s range of combi ovens clean themselves – offering your kitchen a number of benefits.

Cleaning when and where it’s needed

In commercial kitchens, cleaning ovens and other equipment is usually done on a schedule or when someone notices that it’s too dirty. The trouble with this approach is that it’s easy to find time taken up by other tasks, meaning that cleaning can be put on the proverbial back-burner.

This is where the Efficient Care Control function on your Rational Combi comes into play. The system has the capability to both clean and descale itself, when required, and can even do this unsupervised overnight. This helps to save on water, power and effort from your team.

Essentially, the Rational Combi will work out how soiled it is and then determine the level of cleaning required. 

This autonomy is of great value to chefs. After a busy service, the combi oven can make itself as good as new!

Less danger of chemical contact

While there are always health and safety concerns with cooking in a commercial setting, exposure to chemicals while cleaning is one that is often overlooked. Chemical burns can even be more serious than regular burns that chefs experience from elements and flames, according to Better Health Victoria.

This is certainly another advantage of having at least one piece of equipment where your team doesn’t come into contact with cleaning chemicals. All cleaning is done automatically and with tablets rather than liquid for the safest possible operation.

If you’re wondering how easy it is to clean a RATIONAL iCombi Pro combi ovens, well the answer is that you don’t. Start every service with a sparkling combi oven that can produce food of the highest standard for your customers. 

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