Hot Water Urns in hospitality businesses

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Hot Water Urns are a popular item in hospitality businesses Hot Water Urns are a popular item in hospitality businesses

An hot water urn is popular appliance that dispenses water at boiling or near boiling temperatures. They are used extensively throughout the hospitality industry and in many other industries as well.


Position the hot water urn where you plan to serve the hot drinks. Fill it with water and after connecting the unit to a power source turn it on.

Once the water reaches the desired temperature, adjust the thermostat to maintain the water temperature.

When a hot beverage is required, and regardless of whether it is self service or operated by an employee, by simply pressing the handle which allows the hot water to flow out of the spout and into the drinking vessel. On releasing the handle the valve closes and hot water stops flowing.

Sometimes the washer in the spout sticks and a constant drip might ensue. To fix this, just jiggle or rotate the tap to reseat the washer and then the drip should stop.

What to look for

The best units these days have the following features:

  • • A double skinned tank construction for safe side temperatures, less than 50°C.
  • • Concealed elements allowing easy cleaning inside the urn and little calcification inside the unit.


For safe operating procedures, never carry a hot water urn that has been filled with hot water.

At SCK we sell all the popular brands of Hot Water Urns, including Apuro, Birko, Roband, Semak & Woodson. We also sell Kitchenaid hot water kettles.

Apuro Hot Water Urns

The Apuro manual fill hot water urns are a powerful and versatile addition to any commercial premises. They are ideal for mobile caterers, B&Bs and staff rooms, the kettle is perfect for buffet-style breakfast service and businesses with limited access to mains water.

The easy to clean, fully-welded stainless steel single wall construction ensures that the urn is strong, water-tight and durable. With a powerful 2200W concealed element and variable temperature control, the Apuro commercial boiler can be used to keep water below boiling if necessary. Supplied with sturdy handles to ensure the unit is portable and a non-drip tap which is robust and secure, the boiler is a valuable addition to any commercial catering establishment.

Apuro ...

Apuro Hot Water Urns

Birko Commercial Hot Water Urns

Birko Commercial Hot Water Urns

Safe and reliable portable urns. A size to suit any need. Double walled polished stainless steel body with vented cool to touch twist lock lid.

Standard inclusions are heating and ready indicator lights, on/off switch, water level sight glass, heat-resistant knobs, easy-lift safety handles and chrome plated brass non-drip taps.

Birko ...

Roband Hot Water Urns

Robatherm Hot Water Urns feature a unique mode selector switch that allows either variable or pre-set temperature control, providing ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

With the mode set to variable, the temperature can be controlled across a wide range via the graduated knob. Variable mode will suit those users who require warm or boiling water for their special application.

Switching the mode selector to pre-set will fix the temperature at 95°C, the optimal temperature for most applications involving tea and coffee. Using pre-set mode offers a fast and easy setup, achieving consistent temperatures every time. Adjustment of the knob in pre-set mode has no effect on the temperature setting of the urn – it remains constant at nominal 95°C. This prevents continuous boiling and excessive consumption of energy.

Roband ...

Roband Hot Water Urns

Woodson Hot Water Urns

Woodson Hot Water Urns

A reliable volume hot water dispenser, perfect for canteens, function rooms and catering facilities. Available in 3 sizes for whichever event you?re organising.

Built from quality stainless steel, Woodson Hot Water Urns are durable and reliable. A double skinned insulated tank ensures increased safety, while heat resistant handles enables safe usage. The concealed element, coupled with hygienic stainless steel, makes these units simple to clean. Designed for ease of use, they are long lasting and dependable, delivering high quality results, every use.

Woodson ...

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