Hospitality Management

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How you manage will have a great influence on the success of your business.


Leadership involves being successful in two main areas. Knowing where you are going and how to work with people.


Effective leadership has many parallels with successful coaching. Coaches look for the strengths of the people in their charge. Then they devise a game plan to improve not only on those strengths but also on the weaknesses. Coaches also lead by example.

To be totally effective as a leader you must gain the respect and loyalty of your staff. Here are some tips for being the best possible leader:

  •  provide training and encouragement
  •  employ extra staff when needed
  •  provide the best equipment that you possibly can
  •  look for ways to help them yourself
  •  provide the best possible working environment
  •  always have a positive attitude
  •  learn to recognise the skills your staff possess and then encourage them to be better

Teach when you have the opportunity to teach and pass genuine compliments when you see something good being done. Never criticise in public, and when you have to in private, be gentle. Always remind staff of the things that they do well along with the complaint.

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