Goldstein Vision Combi Steamer Ovens

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Goldstein's revolutionary new combi steamer oven are called VISION Cooking Centres. This combi has been developed after months of intensive work implementing experiences of many users all around the globe by Retigo.

The goal was to offer a TOP QUALITY equipment for price that cannot be achieved by similar quality machine producers. This has been achieved and VISION can be considered one of the best products on the market.

These innovative models will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The unique design, simple control and high level of standard accessories in this machine will exceed your expectations in relation to the preparation of the most delicious dishes. It’s a true combination of elegance, functionality and comfort. All actions such a controlling, programming and operating the VISION combi steamer are easily done on the VISION TOUCH screen. Except from touch screen there are remaining only single buttons Start/Stop, regime option for cooking (steam, combination, hot air) and the VISION AGENT.

To satisfy each individual customer there is also the choice between boiler and injection technology.

Special Functions & Characteristics

The Goldstein Vision Combi Steamer Ovens feature:
  • VISION TOUCH – Control touch panel
  • Massive and two positions door handle for comfortable and safety manipulation
  • Curved door glass with cool down function
  • Hygienic cooking chamber with rounded inside corners
  • Even baking thanks to the bi-directional fan
  • Perfect illumination of the cooking chamber by means of halogen lights
  • Double glass door that limits the escape of heat
  • Run-off tray under the door for collecting condensed water
  • Removable door seal
  • WSS - water saving system prevents high water consumption in all cooking modes
  • Two position door catch (safety position)
  • Integrated shower for easy cleaning which does not use softened water
  • SDS - service and diagnostic system- automatic evaluation of microprocessor error reports
General model characteristics include:
  • EASY COOKING – Fast and simple control
  • VISION AGENT – Virtual help-mate
  • ACTIVE CLEANING - Automatic cleaning system
  • Coloured touch screen display
  • Hot air 30 - 300 °C
  • Combination 50 – 300 °C
  • Steaming 99 – 130 °C
  • Bio steaming 30 – 98 °C
  • 4 point temperature core probe
  • Curved glass - helps to cool down the outer door glass
  • Delta T cooking, steaming
  • Low temperature roasting
  • Cook & Hold
  • Regeneration
  • Banquet system
  • Programming – up to 1000 programs with 20 steps
  • 5 speed ventilator
  • Ventilator fan timing
  • Separate rack timing
  • Learn function
  • Fan Stop – immediate stop of ventilator when doors opened
  • Automatic preheating/cooling
  • Autoclima – steam saturation control
  • Automatic start
  • QuickView – fast program overview
  • Flap valve
  • ACM (Automatic Capacity Management)
  • Energy logic
  • Double glass doors preventing heat escape
  • Turbo steam function – fast steam
  • USB Plug-in
  • LAN – internet communication channel
Goldstein is an Australian manufacturer of a quality range of commercial cooking and kitchen equipment. Goldstein range of commercial cooking equipment includes electric and gas ranges, griddle plates, grills, deep fryers, ovens, BBQs, bratt pans, char boilers, chinese woks, cook tops, combi ovens, pasta cookers, salamanders, stock pots, and teppanyaki plates. Goldstein cooking equipment is solid and built to last. The Vision range of Cooking Centres are purpose built for Goldstein by Retigo.

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