Flipping the Bird


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COOK CHICKEN FILLETS NO FLIPPINGNo Flipping the bird with this grill station!

No, I am not being extremely rude. I am discussing how you can cook a chicken fillet in 3 minutes or less without having to turn it over!

ROBAND GSA Grill Stations

The modern, stylish Roband Grill Station is available in six or eight slice size models and sets the benchmark for commercial contact grills. The versatile unit rapidly toasts sandwiches, paninis and focaccias, in addition to producing beautifully seared and grilled tender meat, poultry and fish.

ROBAND GSA Grill Stations

Featuring elements embedded directly into smooth, high pressure die-cast aluminium plates, the cooking surface produces an even, extremely efficient heat transfer ensuring food is cooked rapidly with even colouration. The Roband Grill Station truly is a must-have for cafes, takeaways, sandwich shops or anywhere that toasting and/or grilling is required.

Constructed of quality high pressure die-cast aluminium cooking plates with cast-in elements which provide efficient, directional and effective heat transfer.

A precision thermostat allows for more controlled cooking temperature.

There is an even temperature distribution across each plate and between the top and bottom plates, as shown in this image.

Roband Grill Stations Heating plates

You have the ability to switch between top and bottom plate operation or bottom plate only operation, depending on demand for what you are cooking.

The top plate with arched handle is counter-balanced which makes operating the Roband Grill Station easy. One-handed loading and unloading of food is made easier with the top plate capable of staying partially open at an approximate 45° angle. A load limiter that reduces the resting weight of the top plate on food being grilled or toasted.

Plate spacers are available separately for very thin contents.

High splash guard with top plate always positioned over bottom plate ensuring grease and crumbs fall onto bottom plate.

A front positioned grease collection box collects grease and crumbs and is well-positioned for easy removal and cleaning.

Size is always an issue in most outlets so the small counter space requirement due to the elimination of a cumbersome back cable is a real bonus.

Angled control panel for clear visibility of settings on all control switches.

The 5 minute timer has a warning bell.

Every Grill Station is supplied with one premium spatula.

You have the choice of optional ribbed top plate and/or non-stick coating.

Sydney Commercial Kitchens recommends using the optional non-stick Grill Sheet (PTFE) and retainer clip keeps the plates clean, which prevents food sticking and is removable, cleanable and replaceable.

Top 5 tips to keep your Grill Station clean!

  • 1 Plates should be seasoned as per the instructions when the machine is first purchased.
  • 2 Plates should be cleaned at the end of each day using a soft cloth dampened with only hot soapy water, with the machine turned OFF but while the plates are still warm. NEVER put cold water or ice on hot plates at a medium to high temperature. This may cause the plates to buckle due to the sudden change in temperature.
  • 3 We recommend the use of Nylon scrubbers when cleaning and scrubbing the plates, as the use of metal scrapers or highly abrasive scrubbers (such as steel wool) can prematurely wear and damage the plates.
  • 4 For protection and cleaning of “brushed” stainless steel surfaces on the body of the machine, it is best to use a cleaner that will both remove grease and dirt while protecting the surface from future marks. Whilst there are many possible products on the market, our tests have shown that the following products work well on brushed stainless surfaces. Stainless Steel Polish (Water based) – Supplied by Clean Plus Detergents Pty Ltd or Simple Green Pro M cleaner – Supplied by Simple Green.
  • 5 Another great way to keep your Grill Station nice and clean is to use our replaceable Roband Grill Sheets and Clips, watch video below to find out more!

Why should I use the Roband Grill Sheet & Clip

The Grill sheets are designed to save you money on labour as they reduce the cleaning time of the unit significantly. They also help with the cooking process as when you use the grill sheets they reduce carbon build up on the hot plate. Carbon build up can reduce the effectiveness of the hot plate over time so using the grill sheets helps remove this issue.

How to attach the Grill Sheet

Attaching the Roband Grill Sheets

  • 1. Ensure the Grill Station plates are clean. If required clean Grill Station plates taking care to remove all carbon build up and grease residue.
  • 2. Rest sheet on open plates as shown below and position Retainer Clip in place.
  • 3. Rest the Retainer Clip against the lower part of the top plate and slide upwards to engage the bottom hook.
  • 4. Rotate Clip towards the plate. Gripping the plate between thumb and fingers, press to “Snap” the Clip into place.
  • 5. Position the end of the sheet under the grease box and replace the grease box.

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