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The Angelo Po CHICKENSTAR FX Combi Oven range has advantages for everyone who roasts chickens for retail sale.

CHICKENSTAR is an integrated combi oven specialising in the cooking of chickens.

The technical features of the Combistar range are enriched by the special functionalities of CHICKENSTAR, that allow a profitable, easy and clean management of poultry cooking.

With CHICKENSTAR, the oven and the working environment remain cleaner and more efficient.

CHICKENSTAR is the only combi oven that manages automatically all the working phases: cooking, washing and fats ejection.

The sale and profitability improves from the first chook. The cooking process keeps the meat meatier, reducing weight loss for a tastier more wholesome product.

CHICKENSTAR reduces the weight loss from 40-45% of the traditional oven to 25-30% and the cooking time (20-25 minutes less than a traditional roasting oven).

It allows great improvement of profits (easily), the cost of labour, the energy consumption, the succulence and final weight of the roasted poultry. Thanks to its automatic management of the drain/fat collection, Chickenstar reduces the fat returning to the cooking chamber, both during the cooking and in the working environment.

The quality of the product improves and the frequent maintenances and cleaning, usually necessary for a chicken oven are reduced. Accessories for this special type of cooking allow an extremely easy and clean transportation of and fats collected.

CHICKENSTAR FX removes continuously and automatically the cooking fats from the oven chamber to achieve superior gastronomic results.

While cooking the exclusive additional system of automatic drain pipes the collected fat from the oven chamber to the external collection pan.

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