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Seven Enticing Restaurant Marketing Tips

Whether you’re handling marketing for a chain restaurant, or just trying to heighten the visibility of your own local mom and pop diner, here are seven pro tips for restaurant marketing that will give your eating establishment a much-needed boost.

1. Accurate Brand Personality Representation   

Branding is everything, and that’s true across the board. You may not think about it as being so important for restaurants, but stop and think about some brands in particular.

2. Color Choice Matters

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Recipe for revenue Original story and image on restaurantdive.com

Recipe for revenue

Why restaurants are becoming host kitchens

Restaurants are leveraging unused kitchen capacity to facilitate the delivery of other brands and rake in extra cash.

This is the first in a three-part series highlighting host kitchen partnerships and virtual brands.

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Restaurant Recovery and Reset

Outlook for 2021’s Second Half

Labour, weather, supply, and more will be on the plate of operators nationwide.

The state of the restaurant industry has become hazy again. Some operators believe we’re in worst shape than three months ago, with Delta fears, vaccination conflicts, and labor/supply challenges squeezing the margin for error.

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6 ways QR codes can be even more useful to brands Original story and image on adage.com

6 ways QR codes can be even more useful to brands

From creating harmony between menu designers and diet-conscious diners to making inventory-related activities easier, it seemed as if QR codes were settling into a respectable, low-profile career in the world.

Then, since approximately 2017, anyone with a smartphone could scan QR codes and be whisked to a digi-destination.

Now, COVID-19 and Gen Z digital natives are ushering in a new QR code attitude. Everyone’s figuring out how to make them worth the scan: accessing deals, jobs, feedback and—especially for restaurants—touchless menus, carry-out alerts, table availability and app downloads in exchange for rewards.

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