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Pitco Frialator's

The World's Most Reliable Fryer Company

History of the Deep Fryer

In 1918, our goal was to offer a simple, reliable piece of kitchen machinery for professional frying. For over 80 years, Pitco has designed equipment that makes it easier for our customers to offer the best in fried foods. Pitco has been an industry leader in design, research, and delivering new ideas for frying.

We're still cooking up ways to service you.

Words from Pitco Frialator's Founder JC Pitman

JANUARY 14, 1946

Frying apparently dates as far back as the beginning of cooking in a receptacle. In the days of old, it was discovered that meats placed before the open fire in an earthen platter retained their juices, and were generally more tasty and satisfying.

The natural fat near the surface of the flesh of an animal melted out first into the bottom of the dish, and frying took place. Thus, it was only a step to apply heat below the dish, and have the food cooked in this accumulation of natural fats.

Soon some genius discovered that satisfactory food could be prepared in previously rendered and collected fat, and deep fat frying became an established practice. The original shallow spider, skillet or fry pan became gradually deeper, until a French Fry pot became a standard piece of kitchen equipment.

Pitco Economy Deep Fryers

Pitco quality at value price, the Economy Series Deep Fryers are a free standing, stand-alone fryer with welded tank. Smooth machine peened finish ensures easy cleaning. Long lasting, high temperature alloy stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion efficiency.

Standing pilot light design provides a ready flame when heat is required. Cabinet is constructed of stainless steel front and door with galvanized sides and back.

Pitco Economy Deep Fryers

Output is

  • 35C+S 30 kg's per hour
  • 45C+S 40 kg's per hour
  • 65C+S 65 kg's per hour

Pitco Solstice Series Deep Fryers

Solstice series fryers will allow you to cook more product, more efficiently and provide an improved operating environment with cooler flue temperatures. There are also major improvements in the filtering process eliminates steps, so fryers are easier to clean and return to service faster. Each model in the Solstice series is the same depth front to back, making it easy to order and build a standard battery of fryers to meet your unique needs.

  • Built with input from customers, service technicians and cooks:

  • Serviceability - The new Solstice fryer has been designed to reduce the number of parts and is serviceable from the front.
  • Easy Pilot Access - Pilot is located up front, highly accessible.
  • Sculptured Tank Sides - proves additional strength to the tank.
  • Stainless steel cabinet - New channel reinforced stainless steel cabinet (now stainless sides and front are standard) is designed for long life and appearance. Stainless steel heating tubes are standard on all Solstice models.
  • Individual gas shut offs - Shut one fryer down and you can keep on cooking with the battery.
  • No Block Flue Design - Flue design prevents flue blockage.
  • Common Cabinet - Common front-to-back dimensions make Solstice fryers easy to order, mix and match in all configurations.

Output is

  • SG14S 40 kg's per hour
  • SG18S 70 kg's per hour
  • SG14TSS 35 kg's per hour

Pitco Deep Fryers!

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