Convotherm EasyToUCH Combi Steamer Ovens

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The new Convotherm Combi Ovens feature EasyToUCH

Easy as... With a large colour touch screen and a simple, easy-to-use interface the new EasyToUCH system provides an incredible new level of functionality to the modern kitchen.

The system caters to all skill levels with a range of interactive options available. So business owners can be assured that quality can always be consistently maintained.

EasySystem – central control of the menu. There are an unlimited number of programs that can be set with the new EasyToUCH system. With this versatility comes control however – with pre-approved recipes regulated by a central user. Images can also be uploaded to the system – so easy associations can be made with certain meals and quality can be maintained. With simultaneous cooking different products can also be cooked at the same time without flavour transfer.

EasyService – the best service and control. The system offers automatic diagnostic capabilities and a clear display of any potential errors, preventing unnecessary service costs and providing consistent safety through automatic HACCP logging of all cooking processes.

EasyEco – save energy, save money. According to the current DIN 18873-1 standard the new Convotherm Eco-cooking system saves up to 25% energy. Incredibly energy-efficient, Ecocooking is suitable for all products that take a long time to cook (such as joints, roast beef, meat loaf and larger roasting items). Switching from Eco-cooking to convection and superheated steam methods can be done at any time. So how does it work? Due to Convotherm’s outstanding heat retention via the Advanced Closed system the oven utilises the residual heat captured within the cooking chamber for an extended period. Apart from saving energy there is also a significant increase in quality – the meat is much more tender and retains far more moisture.

The Convotherm EasyToUCH Combi Ovens are available with both gas & electric models


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