Chips are down in the Dumps

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Fry now and serve later! Fry now and serve later!

The best of frying

Stoddarts have the perfect solution for storing, cooking and serving chips in a compact space. You only need to choose how many fryers and perhaps add a built in filter system and away you go.

Store, Cook & Dump Store, Cook & Dump

Adande VCC1.GCW

Adande Compact Single Drawer Refrigeration Unit with Standard Castors and Solid Work Top

A compact single drawer unit solid work top that can work as a fridge or freezer. In this instance I am recommending it be used as a freezer, where you can store your days supply of frozen chips, right where you need it which is where you are working!

It is a known fact that frozen chips cook better in a deep fryer and this adande frezzer allows you to easily achieve the best results possible.

Adande has developed a unique range of Refrigerated drawer systems which by ingenious design gives consistent temperature control over a wide range of products. From storing cheese at +12 to scooping Ice Cream at -15 or storage of frozen product at -18, Adande does it all with very little temperature difference and without drying out, leaving product in frost free pristine condition.

Adande ...

Adande Compact Single Drawer Refrigeration

The best of frying

Anets Fryers

An Anets deep fryer offers a smarter commercial kitchen equipment solution at a price point that represents true value for money. Anets gas commercial deep fryers and electric commercial deep fryers contain unique design features that will benefit customers every single day.

Anets offers a choice between either “tube burners” or “open pot” gas fryers, each with their own enhanced design features that address the perceived downsides of these two heating methods. Anets efficient tube or open pot fryers use less gas and therefore can save the operator significant amounts of money each year.

Anets ...

Culinaire CH.CD.B.11 Countertop Chip Dump

Fry now and serve later!

This model is designed to sit on top of the Adande VCC1 Freezer perfectly.

Chip dumps and chip warmers are a must to keep French fries or other small fried items at the correct temperature until they are ready to be served. Typically chip dumps feature an overhead heat lamp, a removable crumb pan and a perforated stainless steel insert that is sloped for scooping out remaining items. The perforated tray allows any residue oil form the frying process to run off, keeping the chips crispy.

This countertop unit enhances productivity by providing an area to conveniently hold fried product so the fryers can keep production running in the kitchen. The Culinaire Chip Dump is designed to keep cooked product at a constant temperature with two 500 watt infra heat lamps above the product. The 65mm deep curved perforated crumb tray aids serving and helps to aerate the product.

Chip Dump ...

Fry now and serve later!

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