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When it comes to food handling and transportation, Cambro delivers.

Cambro’s latest line of insulated transporters are ideal for caterers and foodservice operators looking for an ultra lightweight transporter that offers superior temperature retention to protect food safety and excellent durability to withstand heavy commercial use, all at a budget-friendly price.

Just take them and go!

Cambro cover every eventuality with their range, which includes:

  • Cam GoBox™— Insulated Carrier Line
  • Insulated Beverage Containers
  • Beverage Service Carts
  • Insulated Top Loading Camcarriers®
  • Temperature Maintenance Tools
  • Insulated Front Loading 300MPC & UPC400
  • UPCS400 Ultra Pan Carrier® S-Series
  • Ultra Camcarts®
  • Transporter Capacity Guide
  • Ultra Pan Carrier® and Ultra Camcart® H-Series
  • Combo Cart™ Plus
  • Camtherm® Electric Food Holding Cabinets
  • Insulated Bakery Container
  • Camcarts®
  • Camcarriers®
  • Tablotherm Insulated Trays

Cambro products feature:

  • Thermal Insulation- Holds hot or cold food for many hours.
  • Lightweight- Made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)- an eco-friendly, high-performance foam material.
  • Great Structural Strength capable of handling significant loads while maintaining its shape and form.
  • Excellent Energy Absorption- can withstand substantial impact without damage.
  • Chemically Inert- unaffected by oil, grease, and most chemicals.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • CFC-Free.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Line your Cam GoBox with a Cambro GN Food Pan and Seal Cover for the ultimate food safety solution. Cambro GN pans protect food and carrier to support HACCP compliance.

Food Safety

Keeping your operation safe is mandated, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. At Cambro, we design all of our products with food safety in mind. They must pass our own critical StoreSafe® requirements which support HACCP guidelines for food safety before they can be introduced to the marketplace.

Key factors that our products must be able to help foodservice operators are:

  • Time and temperature abuse
  • Reducing potential cross-contamination
  • Ease of cleaning

Cam GoBoxes will ensure that food stays at safe temperatures below 5°C or above 65°C for many hours during holding and transport. Use them with our Camchillers® and Camwarmers® to extend cold and hot holding time even further.

Also, Cam GoBoxes, when used together with our GN pans and covers, provide the best solution to keep both food protected and your transporter clean and free of any potential cross-contamination.

Help your food go further

Use accessories such as a CamChiller, Thermobarrier and CamWarmers to extend holding times of foods.

CamChillers extend the cold holding time or enhance safe holding below 5°C when frequent access is required. Simply freeze first then use to pre-chill the cabinet before loading.

Thermobarrier A highly valuable yet economical temperature maintenance tool for caterers. Use to minimize empty space and food temperature loss within a partially loaded compartment.

CamWarmers Use for added insurance to keep hot foods hot during holding and transporting. Keep in cabinet with hot foods to extend holding time or enhance safe holding above 65°C when frequent access is required.

All things Cambro!

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