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Silver Brumby Lodge Thredbo Training Silver Brumby Lodge Thredbo Training

The Silver Brumby Ski Lodge in Thredbo revamped their cooking line for the coming winter season. The new equipment will ensure that the high quality food offering will be easily maintained, as well as creating the power to duplicate the menus when key staff are not present.

As with any commercial kitchen, efficiency is the key and this is what the new cooking line is designed to create.

Silver Brumby Cooking Line Silver Brumby Cooking Line

Training on the Combi

I arrived at the lodge on Monday afternoon and not long after that the Unox Trainer, Patrice also arrived.

Once the lodge manager and the chef we present we started the initial training, which encompassed how to use the combi oven, how to clean the combi oven and more importantly, how the lodge would get the most out of the new UNOX XEVC-0711-EPR ChefTop Mind Maps PLUS Series 7 Tray Electric Combi Oven.

That finished we then cooked a meal that Emma had pre-prepared and soon we were sitting down with an excellent bottle of red wine, a fresh garden salad and an extremely tasty lasagna.

Somewhere during this time it had started snowing quite heavily and soon the balcony was covered.

The next morning it was clear that the snowfall had continued throughout the night and, according to the Thredbo resort, almost 25cm had fallen at the top of the mountain.

We did some invigorating digging to clear a path for the cars to leave after the second training session that morning. We also sprinkled some salt around to remove any ice.

Programming the Combi

After a hearty cooked breakfast and a coffee, we began the task of programming individual recipes. One of the great things about the Unox combi oven is the ease in programming and saving your recipes.

The Unox saves to pages, that contain up to 16 individual programs. The first page we dedicated to the evening main meals, the second page to breakfast recipes and the third for desserts. This will make it easy to find the correct recipe when required.

In creating the recipes for each meal, we re-visited how these meals would have been cooked on the previous equipment and then adjusted the times and temperatures to suit the new combi ovens cooking potential. The Unox also allows for easy editing of these recipes should the one we programmed in need minor adjustments.

Programming the Unox Combi, all done All done!

With the ski season official opening on Saturday 8 June, and just a few days away, Emma and her team are now confident in the use of the Unox combi oven.

"Thanks Neil- we had our first night of full service tonight and the oven was great. It has been quite an adventure working out all the differences and making the changes, my cakes were absolutely magnificent!"

The Silver Brumby, Thredbo

Calling the Experts

Having programmed in all the meat and breakfast menus it was decided that it might be best to call in the experts for the dessert recipes. Unox have a corporate chef in the Victorian head office that works with customers, helping them to achieve the results they want with their Unox Combi Oven.

You send Alberto the product recipe, and how you had previously cooked it and he will work out exactly how to achieve the best results using the Unox combi oven. In a couple of days he will respond with the program settings to use and save on your combi.

What a great service that is!

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