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The Convotherm range delivers a new range of innovative, intuitive kitchen technology that provides you with incredible functionality, astute cost-effectiveness and the enduring confidence that quality culinary fare can be produced each and every time. As the art of cooking evolves, so too must the kitchen technology that serves it. A key approach for Convotherm is to deliver this capability - providing an incredible level of adaptability and functionality while delivering ease of use across a range on individual skills levels and multi-faceted industry applications.

The space saver – MINI combination oven steamers


Minimum space, maximum performance – that's the ethos behind the Convotherm MINI range, a series designed to deliver incredible functionality while occupying an extremely compact footprint. With a maximum width of 515mm the units are perfect for cafes and other businesses where space is at a premium. There are three cooking programs available (convection, superheated system and steam), a mobile solution model.

EASY ToUCH – the new standard combination steamers

The new patented EasyToUCH programming, the precision of advanced analytical tools or the clever use of space and capacity to do more with less. With a large colour touch screen and a simple, easy-to-use interface the new EasyToUCH system provides an incredible new level of functionality to the modern kitchen. The system caters to all skill levels with a range of interactive options available. So business owners can be assured that quality can always be consistently maintained.

EasyEco – save energy, save money

According to the current DIN 18873-1 standard the new Convotherm Eco-cooking system saves up to 25% energy. Due to Convotherm's outstanding heat retention via the Advanced Closed System the oven utilises the residual heat captured within the cooking chamber for an extended period. Apart from saving energy there is also a significant increase in quality. Switching from Eco-cooking to convection and superheated steam methods can be done at any time.

Advanced Closed System (ACS)

The Advanced Closed System delivers both unique advantages for cooking and remarkable cost-saving measures. With unrivalled consistency of steam saturation no manual adjustments are required. Vitamins and minerals are retained due to the low oxygen cooking process, allowing for the retention of food's natural colour and taste. Individual flavours also intact even when there are different types of food being cooked at the same time, and no expensive or unhealthy fats are required to aid the process.

Then there are cost savings. The ACS can use up to 30% less energy and water usage in comparison to conventional cooking techniques. The closed system enables the hear energy to remain in the cooking chamber so, with no reheating required, there can be far shorter cooking times.

Greater control

Convotherm's door rotary lever locking system is specially designed for a safer kitchen environment. By rotating the robust door handle ninety degrees the door will open far enough to allow the hot steam to escape automatically and safely upwards. The door then closes easily with a simple push, even when your hands are full.

Crispy & Tasty

The Crisp&Tasty function helps your food achieve crisp crusts while maintaining a beautifully succulent interior. Crisp&Tasty can be individually switched into the cooking program at three different levels, and the dehumidification function also allows for no loss of energy in the cooking chamber.

Press & Go

Perfect results at the touch of a button. You can store your favourite recipe on a selected key then, at the simple push of a button, call up the required cooking steps for the dish – allowing you to reproduce top quality dishes any time you need.

Core Temperature Sensor

Several highly sensitive measurement points ensure absolute control over the core temperature of food being cooked. This innovative multi-point core sensor controls and monitors with a high level of supervision and, in the case of deviations regulates the required oven temperature automatically.

Delta T

Delta T cooking provides operators an evenness of cooking like no other, when utilising Delta T your Convotherm controls the temperature variance between the food's core temperature and the operating oven temperature. The benefit of this control is a reduction in excessive residual heat penetrating the food during cooking which may result in overcooking of your products.

CONVOClean – automatic cleaning system

The chore of cleaning has never been this easy. CONVOClean, an automatic cleaning system that provides you with guaranteed standards of hygiene thanks to automatic steam disinfection and hot air sterilisation. Based on the level of need four different cleaning levels and a quick cleaning function can be individually selected.

CONVOControl – kitchen management

CONVOControl allows you to manage your appliances from a central computer and produce automated HACCP documentation in accordance with food hygiene regulations. This system provides the ability to programme, use pre-set start times, monitor and block operating panels and transfer programmes with speed and ease.


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