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The new BlueSeal S Line Combi is the effective choice. With a variety of capacity optionsand exciting new functionality it delivers speed, reliability and everyday value.That’s why the new range shows the way and why the S Line is the right optionfor hundreds of cafes, bistros and restaurants.




Power,function, reliability. The new S Line combination steamers unite thesestrengths to deliver an exceptional performance in the most demanding ofcooking environments. S Line also offers a carefully developed lineup, withdifferent capacity models and a list of features to suit a diverse selection ofindividual cooking applications. So, when it comes time to make the move, thechoice is easy.


The S Line :It’s the Smart choice.




Aprofessional oven built with meticulous workmanship. There are countless constructionand functional choices that make S Line special; the fully moulded chamber haswide radius corners for optimized air flow and ease of cleaning; the hand-heldshower, the double glazed door with hinged inner glass and generous air gapwhich protects the operator from excessive heat; the ergonomic handle thatallows you to open the oven door even when your hands are full; the new seal systemfor floor models which allows the oven to operate without heat dispersion evenwhen the trolley os not inside (preheating); the practical external probe; thechamber lighting inside the door.


At theheart: Core construction


Each oven isconstructed from stainless steel and is moulded with completelyround edges to soften aesthetical impact and ensure cleaning is as effortlessas possible. Built tolast, the ovens are also easy to access and maintain. The cool-totouch doubleglass door has a hinged inner glass for easy cleaning and an ergonomic handleallowing for left or right hand operation. The front control panel is easilyavailable should any maintenance be required.


A newmovement: Bi-directional fan


Even,reliable air circulation in the oven chamber is a major factor when it comes todelivering consistent results. The oven fan of the S Line changes direction,this prevents hot and cold zones within the chamber and eliminates thepossibility of uneven cooking.  


Completecontrol: Two-speed fan


A two-speedfan is included as standard. The fan control is located on the main board sothe speed can be altered with a simple touch of a button. 


The end toguesswork: Core temperature probe


The plug-incore probe delivers accurate cooking control and provides a high level offlexibility depending on the products. Estimating when food is ready becomes athing of the past. When cooking hearty foods such as roasts or lasagne simplyuse the 3mm probe. For more delicate or portioned foodsuch as grilled fish, creme caramel or cooking sous vide simply unplug the 3mmprobe and plug in an optional 1mm probe. This practice is the best way toprotect food fromunnecessary damage and ensure consistent results.


Cool as: Automaticventing system


Jumping frommeal to meal is not without its complications. A rapid cooldown systemsubstantially reduces the time spent waiting for a cooler oven after a highertemperature has recently been used. This automatic feature releases anyunwanted heat from within the oven chamber quickly and efficiently so thecorrect heat is always readily available.


H²go:  Autoclima system


Theautoclima humidity control system uses the automatic vent to remove unwantedmoisture within the oven chamber. This process ensures food does notdeteriorate from excessive moisture. For instance, meringue is dry and crispyand semi-dried tomatoes are dehydrated but not stewed.


Easy doesit: Programme options


There are amassive range of programmes that the modern chef can choose from, every one ofthe 99 programmeoptions delivering simplicity and precision. The S Line offers standard 4 stagecooking and 92 tested cooking programmes that operate with minimal staff input.


Clear as daycooking: Cycle guides


For anintuitive, user-friendly cooking experience the S Line control panel has an LEDsystem displaying a set or active cycle. Each cooking phase is clearlydisplayed and readily identifiable to avoid confusion amongst the hustle andbustle of the modern kitchen.




When timeequals money, cleaning duties can drain valuable resources from the modernkitchen. That’s why the S Line has some standard cleaning features that enablebusinesses to maintain high standardswithout adding extra effort. As equipment is maintained with care and frequencythe long-term benefits these features provide are considerable.


Thedifference of design


Cleaningconvenience was a key factor when considering the design of the S Line duringthe research and development phase. The double-glazed door has hinged innerglass for easy cleaning. The hinged fancover also allows for easy access, and the removable tray runners deliver thespace to move. A major benefit is that the heat and wear-resistant silicon doorseal is easy to remove so daily cleaning can be carried out with the minimum offuss and bother. Additionally, a flexible mount shower kit with stainless steelhose can be conveniently applied.


Semi-automaticwash programme (standard)


Thissemi-automatic feature comes as standard in all S Line ovens, a remarkablefeature for such aninexpensive range. For brilliant results it’s simply a matter of selecting thecleaning cycle,employing a cleaning agent and standing back to let the oven clean itself.Rinse out the ovenwith the shower hose and you’ll be away laughing.


Automaticwash system (optional)


There isalso an optional fully integrated automatic cleaning system that is built intothe oven cavity.There are three wash programmes to choose from that can remove any kind of dirtwithout anyextra work required. Simply connect the cleaning chemical and choose from‘soft’,‘medium’ or‘hard’ according to the work required.




Investing inthe right oven is important.  Being ableto use it easily is essential. The S Line has developed an easy-to-useelectronic control board to keep the task at hand simple. With astraightforward selection for different cooking modes (convection, steam, combination,reheating) all your options are within arms reach.


The BlueSeal S Line offers the cooking / baking choice of convection. The convectionfan system is ideal for general roasting of meats, vegetables and the baking ofpastries, cakes, bake off, frozen

doughs andpar bake doughs. Products can be cooked at temperatures between 30°C - 300°C withheat distributed evenly within the oven via the enhanced convection fan system.This enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures than the more traditionalstatic oven methods.


Steamcooking is highly valued for a number of reasons, not the least being that itcan deliver food that retains a large percentage of its natural nutritionalvalue.  This cooking method is alsopopular for it’ssimplicity and ease of use. Delicate foods can be cooked without fear of damageand serving is quick and uncomplicated.


The S Linecan provide simultaneous cooking of a range of different dishes without anyexchange of flavours. Steaming (100°C). An even, thorough heat that can beeasily reached (and maintained), this cooking method delivers food that looksgood and tastes even better.


Steaming atlow temperature (30/80°C). Low temperature steam produces healthy, light andnaturally flavoursome food, so it’s no wonder that this approach is so popularwith many diners.


Steam andvacuum-packing (60/90°C) & needle probe. Kitchens are increasingly usingvacuum-packed products, which markedly reduce food weight loss, reduces theneed for seasoning and increases dish life (up to 25 days if food is chilledand correctly stored). The needle probe for vacuumcooking is also ideal for measuring the temperature of the food outside theoven. Forcedsteaming (130°C). Prevents temperature drops when cooking large quantities offrozen products and reduces cooking for high starch products, shellfish etc.





Sometimes,the best of both worlds can be achieved with a simple push of a button.Combi-cooking, the mix of convection and steam, creates results of exceptionalquality.


Ideal for ala carte restaurants the inclusion of steam increases the transfer of heat tofood reducing

cookingtimes. The S Line creates new opportunities for kitchens when it comes tocombicooking. Food can be delivered on time… and to the highest standard of taste.


Mealpreparation. The combi-mode is especially suited for food with a highmoisture-content (stews,

sauces,meatballs, braised dishes etc) or large singular pieces. Roast beef, forexample, can be prepared using the combi mode at a low temperature between 60and 90°C.


The cookedmeat remains tender and succulent by retaining its natural juices, anoften-difficult task using other forms of cooking.




For largegroups of diners, preparation is vital. Organising specific foods beforeservice ensures meals can be delivered with the minimum of fuss. Howeverkitchen appliances need to be of a high standard to ensure the maximum quality.The S Line delivers this standard.


Reheatingand buffet meals.


Thebanqueting system can deliver servings in oven dishes, trays or plates. Usingthe regeneration function meals can be reheated cleanly and efficiently withoutdrying out.


Largebanqueting events.


Thebanqueting system of the S Line means large functions and events can be cateredfor irrespective of location. With the help of plated trolleys the S Line canreheat a meal quickly and have itperfectly regenerated, and presented, ready for serving despite the distancefrom kitchens or other preparation facilities.


Achievingoptimal results.


The S Lineneedle probe accurately monitors temperature across every food category. Withthe aid of thermal covers transport and holding of food can be carried outunder the best possible conditions, ensuring a final outcome that is of anextremely high quality.


MultitaskingCombination Ovens. The S Line of combination steamers can load a multiple ofcooking productsfrom proteins, starches and liquids providing they are cooked, roasted, sautéedand steamed on the correct cooking mode and temperature. This process occurswith no flavour transfer.


The 9 and 14models.


A la carte(cook to order) undoubtably demands the flexibility to cook many food typesquickly. The all new
- and 14 tray are ideal for use during mis en plus due to the industry standard gastronormloading system and the additional rack runners provide extra flexibility.


The new SLine combines proven performance with the latest enhancement. The E14CSD makesthe daily tasks of preparation and meal service a more satisfying experience.


The 20model.


The S Line
0 model offers 20 x 1/1GN or 10 x 2/1GN tray capacity. This capacity within anoverall oven heightof 1090mm makes the machine perfect for plated and bulk regenerationapplications such as conference centres and international hotels. With anincreased capacity for loading the 20 tray models are also ideally suited forspeciality chicken cooking ovens


The S Linecombi steamers provide excellent solutions for the roasting of whole chickensand chicken pieces on the bone. For convenience stores, quick servicerestaurants, C store, independent supermarkets and take-away outlets.


The 21model.


The overalldimensions of the 21 model offers considerable footprint advantages over itscompetition. The combined use of additional roll-in trolleys and smallerfootprint enable considerable capacity to be generated from the 21 model footprint.


The 40model.


This rangeof combi steamers is ideally suited to meal distribution and regenerationapplications. Whenconsistent quality is mandatory, the S Line 40 leaves no doubt.


Stack thedeck in your favour. To guarantee even more power and versatility in thekitchen the BlueSeal S Line series has units designed to be easily stackable. This featureallows the busychef the chance to get more from his space, more from his kitchen. And it does sowithout using unnecessary space.




For ademonstration of the S Line, get in touch today. Sydney Commercial Kitchens isable to assist you in organising a demonstration in your capital city. When youneed to see the difference for yourself our skilled chefs and sales team canhelp you assess your situation and select the right technology for yourkitchen. Introductory sessions can also be booked online: inAustralia or in New Zealand. Call or email us today.




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